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U-Predict Blog – Who Killed President Kennedy – 11/19/2013

There are at least 10 major conspiracy theories that are still being actively pursued as we reach the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  Most people who lived through the actual nightmare and the Government investigation that followed question the thoroughness of the Warren Commission – those people who wrote the “history” of what actually happened.  So it was with a swirl of accusations appearing in the media that the Reading Room tackled this issue.  The reading room included Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Elizabeth Kea (Kea Hypnosis), Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins.  We were thrilled to add two new readers/commenters to the show – GeminiMoon and AMC28.

First, the number of Major Arcana cards that were pulled was staggering.  While we did not have a great deal of synchronicity with all Majors, most of the 22 Major Arcana were pulled.  The ones that were missing were The Chariot (interesting because JFK was shot while riding in a car), and The Hierophant, which indicates, by its absence, that things would never be the same in the American culture.  The number of Majors also speaks to the scary idea of destiny; was this one of those karmic moments that had to happen?  How did it change us?  Most of us who lived through the 60’s saw it as a time when boundaries were pushed.  Familiar roles and expectations were challenged.  Most important, the people took to the street again and again to steer the nation on a different course. 

The Wheel of Fortune was another Major pulled in synchronicity.  Time and civilization moved forward despite the assassination.   But we had other assassinations – the president’s brother Robert; of course, there also was the Reverend Martin Luther King.  Perhaps one lesson we should have gleaned is that a gun doesn’t stop a philosophy or a belief.  We did go to the moon and “do the other things”; we did continue marching (and still do) for civil rights; and we see younger members of political families run for the same, or higher office than their siblings or parents had to keep fighting for what they believe in.

We asked systematically if JFK was killed by the Mafia, the Cubans, and the Government or the CIA itself.  The answer we got repeatedly was that the King of Wands (a man of integrity, but with a single mindedness) did a terrible deed (the Devil or the Tower followed) for money (a pentacle card appeared here).  So the cards support a person carrying out the plans of the assassination for money.  But a man of integrity killed the president of the United States?  Here is where tarot is its most fascinating.  We do not all share the same ideals or beliefs.  Look at our country today.  There is a deep divide; both sides see the other as flawed and dangerous.  That is how most would see Lee Harvey Oswald; but he was a man with deeply-held beliefs and that is what caused him to act.  The fact that he may have received payment for it only throws us back into the quagmire that are the conspiracy theories.  The Devil card also talks about a personal hell caused by thoughts or beliefs.  Here is someone so tortured that he (or they) thought the answer was shooting the President of the United States.   

What did Kennedy believe in that was so frightening?    He was pushing for civil rights legislation and the KKK and other organizations were fighting back.  The CIA was angry that he closed their secret bases where they were training snipers to go to Cuba.  He also had talked at the United Nations about the need to cut back on weapons and actual troop numbers.  JFK spoke about not plunging the world into another war.  We currently have a Commander in Chief who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the same sentiment.  He has an Attorney General who is actively perusing civil rights violations caused by voter ID laws.   The number of threats against the current president is up 400%.  Have we learned nothing in 50 years?   

There was definitely someone else who didn’t like JFK’s ideals.  We had the 8 of Cups and the 8 of Pentacles in synchronicity as well.  The 8 of Cups speaks of being done with something, ready to move on.  This 8 came up when we ask about a power within our Government being responsible.  The 8 of Pentacles speaks of speeding up the process.  Whoever planned the assassination saw the Dallas trip as the perfect opportunity.  The parade route was changed, the number of Secret Service taken on the trip was reduced, and a hellish schedule of many stops in a two day period provided just that opportunity.

JFK himself was portrayed as the Magician with a high number of synchronicities (7).  It was followed by the Queen of Cups, who I think speaks for his love for his wife and his family.  I think is also speaks in this case about his love of the job and of his love for his country.  He was a man of vision; he did have new ideas – and set about to make them happen.  America was in love with The Magician and Camelot.  What would happen if we were able to have that kind of an experience?  If the American people we to become enamored by a leader and willing to try new things again, would we have a technical leap forward like landing on the moon or helping the whole world with the Peace Corps?   Or did the assassination jade us.  Do we see all of our leaders as fragile – someone who can be removed with a puff of smoke from a gun or the threat of impeachment from those who disagree. 

Where are we America?  Do we still mourn The Magician?  Do we want Camelot back?  Will taking our society backward like so many want produce the effect?  U-Predict…
Monday, November 18, 2013

U-Predict - A Prehistoric Atomic War? - 11/12/2013

At Rajasthan in India, radioactive ash covers three square miles.  In this area, an ancient city was unearthed which appears to have been destroyed by an atomic explosion some 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. It has been estimated that half a million people could have died in the blast and it was at least the size of those that devastated Japan in 1945.  It is this unusual fact that inspired this edition of U-Predict.  The Mahabharata is an important source of information on the development of Hinduism between 400 BCE and 200 CE and is regarded as a history. Within the Mahabharata is the description of some kind of a superweapon that was fired with deadly result.  Despite a very close correlation between the description of this weapon, and descriptions of our own modern weapons, and the radiation at Rajasthan, archeologists and anthropologists consider these writings as cultural myths.  So that is the question we asked the tarot - was there a prehistoric atomic war?  Where did the weapon come from? Finally, we asked if a terrorist was going to explode an atomic weapon.

Two weeks ago, we discussed very ancient ruins in South Africa.  The Reading Room produced a synchronistic reading that basically followed the story of the Anunnaki, a people who came from the stars to mine gold on this planet.  Ancient Sumerian texts describe that the Anunnaki’s advanced technology was either weaponized and used in war, or fell into hands who misused it and it caused a catastrophe. ( U- Predict Blog - 200,000 Year Old Ruins).  Many readers were curious if there was a link between that topic and the topic of the prehistoric atomic war.  The Reading Room’s interpretation of the cards in that reading leaned more towards the idea of the technology being misused rather than out and out weaponized.  This subject brought about a similar interpretation.  The reading room included Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Kea Hypnosis, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. 

First we had synchronicity with The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars.  (For someone who is unfamiliar with how we use the term, it indicates that several readers pull the card during the reading process).  Any time we discover that we are talking about something extraterrestrial, we get groupings of cards that describe space or the solar system.  So here is a repeat of the prior theme on U-Predict - extraterrestrial civilization with advanced technology.  Of these cards, The Moon was extremely synchronistic.  There are two esoteric theories in play here.  One is that extraterrestrials may have, or had, a base on the moon.  There is also the more likely meaning, that permission to use this technology was falsely obtained.  Either the power was underestimated or the intention was to make a situation better; it was only made worse at the cost of many lives.  We also got the card of The High Priestess.  This card talks about things that are hidden.  Again, this describes the technology as misunderstood - more powerful than realized.  Jean Maurie stated that “I'm getting that they had some kind of mind power that they misused.”  Ivy Lieberman read that “the threat was hidden and experimental, and built over eons, and when it came out of the dark, it took away all that had been accomplished.”  There is also the idea that mainstream science doesn’t want to investigate far from the usual, the established.  One does have to ask themselves what would happen if a much deeper, longer, more exotic history was revealed as truth.  What would happen if ancient myths were actually history that changed our concept of civilization and the institutions that support it (especially religion)? 

Of any suit that was pulled we had more swords than any other suit.  This is the suit of the element air.  It bespeaks of thinking things through; it also bespeaks “you reap what you sew.”  Did this civilization reap something bad because they misused their technology?  Did they become too busy chasing gold or other elements to take care to work safely and sanely?  Is this one reason that many find these crypto archeology topics disturbing?  Is there a chance that we keep repeating this cycle, reincarnating into different roles until we get it right?  We had an incredible amount of the 8 of Swords (appeared 8 times in separate readings).  Eight is the number of business.  Perhaps the tarot is telling us the money aspect is most important.  The 8 of Swords also talks about being bound or enslaved by an idea.  Since we’ve already had readings about the wrong decision being made, were the people bound to supporting or believing in this technology?  We also had the 5 of Swords - the card of the opponent winning.  There also was the 4 of Swords, recuperation, but half the cards pulled were reversed.  If this “accident” caused a recuperation, the recuperation was long and arduous. 

The only synchronistic Pentacle (material things) was the 5 of Pentacles.  This is a card of disagreement.  Again, the cards point to disagreement between groups on the use of this technology.  We had synchronicities on the 8 and 9 of Wands.  These cards give credence to the other cards.  The 9 of Wands talks about a fair outcome for all involved.  It also is a card of doing the right thing.  However, its companion in this reading is the 8 of Wands, which is about activity speeding up having to produce faster.  Is there a possibility that haste added to this tragedy?  What can that teach us about today and how we make decisions? The only Cup (emotion) that we had in synchronicity was the 7 of Cups.  This is the card of the dreamer and of daydreams.  Did the proponents make grandiose promises?  Is that what convinced people to go along with the misuse of the technology? 

The final synchronistic card was the King of Wands.  Over half of these pulls showed a reversed card.  This speaks of being ruthless, unwilling to admit mistakes, being very divisive.  Does this card reach to the very heart of the problem?  Did the hubris of a few, cause the demise of many?  Again, what could we learn from the King of Wands?

Our final question was about the safety of our future, and the possibility of terrorist groups detonating an atomic weapon.  The good news that we got was that it would take more money and technology than current groups now hold to do this.  Will things change?  What can we learn from the radioactivity in Rajasthan?  U-Predict...
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U-Predict Blog – The Covert Messiah – Jesus Christ did not exist 11/05/2013

Authors write for many reasons – some to entertain, some to inform.  Some write with the idea of promoting their own agenda.  I have to admit that I wondered if this was the case with Joseph Atwill, who presented a symposium on October 19, 2013 on the concept that Jesus Christ never existed.  Atwill believes his discovery came to him while he was studying “Wars of the Jews” by Josephus (the only surviving first-person historical account of first-century Judea) alongside the New Testament.  Atwill claims that “I started to notice a sequence of parallels between the two texts.  Although it’s been recognized by Christian scholars for centuries that the prophesies of Jesus appear to be fulfilled by what Josephus wrote, he saw dozens more. What seems to have eluded many scholars is that the sequence of events and locations of Jesus ministry are more or less the same as the sequence of events and locations of the military campaign of Titus Flavius as described by Josephus.”   

Based on this belief that the stories of this campaign resulted in the creation of Jesus Christ, Atwill wrote the book, Caesar’s Messiah.  The book was also the basis for a video that Atwill released.   Joseph Atwill is not alone; every few years someone steps forward and claim they have proof that Jesus never existed.  This made me wonder what the tarot would say about Atwill and Jesus Christ himself.  The readers for today’s show included: Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Kea Hypnosis, Joanne Matthew, and ReeNee Cummins.    

So we began with the question “what is more important, the personage of Jesus Christ and belief in him; or belief in his message?”  Across the board, all readers got that the message of Jesus is the most important.  Ivy read that "the message was presented expecting to change the world at the time.”  Considering how the Romans treated captive nations, it is easy to see how this message would have had a big impact.  The captives were urged to take care of each other; to grow into a family of spirit and love.  This message is ageless; despite the fact that we are a free nation, it is still valuable advice. 

I then ask about Joseph Atwill.  Was he just using his theory to make money, or was he sincere with his writings.  The cards showed a man who was sincere.  He truly believes that he has made an important discovery.  The Reading Room then asked about using holy books as history.  The cards stated that the books were more about parables or stories that may give direction as to how to live; to considering these books as factual is problematic.  Joanne Matthew said “Sometimes the bible reminds me of the game, rumor----some stories that just went viral and grew and grew.”  The cards agreed.

In turning to the synchronicities in the cards, the three Major Arcana cards had a complete message.  We had The Magician, The Star, and the World.  The synchronicity stated that the message of the “Magician” brought hope to the world.  This is not a statement that one religion is better than another, it is stating that loving and caring for others is a message that applies to the whole world, no matter the culture or their beliefs.  The Magician is an interesting card in this reading.  It could allude to the idea of a master miracle worker which the Bible claims Jesus Christ had the power.  It also speaks of our personal decision to practice these ideas; that we have the ability to change the world through our power of compassion. 

When we move into the Minor Arcana we start with the Ace of Swords and the 5 of Swords.  Swords deal with air – with concepts and ideas.  The Ace speaks to a new idea, or an idea whose time had come.  The 5 of Swords is about how the idea has been torn apart and misused.  This part of the reading was surrounded by Pentacles.  It is hard not to look back through history and see how the personage of Jesus has been used to make money; in some cases control governments.  History is riddled with death and misery when people claim the message without practice.  The cards agree.

Speaking of the Pentacles, we received synchronicities on the Queen of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, and 10 of Pentacles.  In additional to the material the Reading Room derived an additional meaning for the Pentacles – that they also represent the root of a belief.  This adds another dimension to the reading.  How much more secure (10 of Pentacles) would we all be if “love your neighbor as yourself” was the cornerstone of all society.  The 4 of Pentacles could stand for the idea that one wouldn’t have to horde if society was sharing.  The Queen of Pentacles is the business woman.  The idea of the mother/nurturer sharing the wealth across society. 

We also had synchronicities with the Knight of Wands and the Queen of Wands.  The Queen again speaks of the root of belief, taking things back to the simple, the root of the belief.  The Knight is about making it happen.  Taking our power (back to the Magician) and using it to love others and share what we have.  Now how much better would society be?  You Predict…