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Is the Universe a Giant Brain - U-Predict Broadcast - 8/20/2013

“The results of a computer simulation suggest that "natural growth dynamics" - the way that systems evolve - are the same for different kinds of networks - whether it’s the internet, the human brain or the universe as a whole.” – (November 20, 2012)

“There is no bearded old man on a throne, watching your underpants…the universal laundry monitor is a figment of our imagination” – Anita Perez
And so we began a broadcast of one of the oldest question in civilization – who or what is God?  On the U-Predict of October 23, 2012, we looked at cutting edge theories that we truly live in a Matrix; the cards chided us for that theory.  We were told that they universe was something more than matter and information. There was other elements, like perhaps knowledge, wisdom, creativity and perhaps love and caring for all of creation.  So now we move in a different direction – something more organic; something right out of science fiction – a giant brain.  The reading room for U-Predict included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, Koneta Bailey, and ReeNee Cummins.

We started by asking if this was a more superior theory than the matrix theory, and was told yes.  We asked if this was the final theory we would derive, we were told “no”; as our spiritual knowledge grows we will have a better understanding about how the universe works.  When we asked if the brain contained the entirety of God, we were told “no.”  In fact, the model we got fit many of the ancient or mystical religions.  We were told there was a part that we would/could understand, but that there was a bigger part that was beyond or comprehension.  In the Kabbalah there is Ein Sof.    Ein Sof may be translated as "no end", "unending", "there is no end", or infinite. So again, the cards point us to ancient, mystical teachings for an answer. 

As the reader can see from the quote from Reading Room regular, Anita Perez, the entire room did not have to turn a card to agree to dismiss the idea of the “old man on the throne” as a representative of God.  However, there were some fascinating ideas about how we fit into the picture.  The most popular (that was supported by the cards) is that we are like the “monkey mind of God” – filled with chatter and unnecessary worry and anger.  We were also told that it was our destiny to learn more and more and to learn to still our “monkey-mind” presence.  This also brought about a discussion about if we are part of God’s thoughts, does God control everything, knows everything, and sees everything?  The answer we got was no – there is a huge experiment going on, and we have to take responsibility for our participation, choices and outcome. This definition would also give credence for why there is karma, and how it would work.  However, the cards at this point told us flat out to “not worry about such things.”

For the third week straight, The Sun leads in Major Arcana synchronicities.  We are being told to celebrate these new findings about how the universe works and how we fit into the overall plan.  We added the Judgment card, and got information from readings that said it is time to wake up, loose our narrow definitions of God and celebrate the freedom this gives us.  We have been transformed by this information; we are important to God as the thinking/feeling mechanism in this dimension.  We also had synchronicity with the High Priestess.  We always get this card when we ask who or what God or the controlling power in the universe is.  In other words, there are things we may never comprehend, but we should still celebrate who and what we are and our place in the vastness. 

As far as Minor Arcana, the most common synchronicity was the Queen of Wands.  She is considered the most natural of the queens.  She represents following your instincts, taking responsibility for your action and their outcomes.  This, of course, echoes the advice we got from the Major Arcana synchronicities.  We also had the Page of Cups who speaks of learning and loving in a child-like manner.  In many of the major religions we are told to approach life with the mind of a child, or beginner’s mind.  It is also a reminder that if we are the process by which the universe is gathering data, it too has an open, curious, child-like mind.  The next synchronicity was the 3 of Wands (yes, there were a lot of wands this week – interesting considering that is considered the source for new ideas).  We need to (again) look beyond our worn-out ideas as to how life works and how the universe works.  When we are told we have free will, we should take that at its word.   The final card was the 9 of Wands.  This again echoed the message of the Majors.  Don’t worry – be happy.  We’ll get through this together, and the outcome will be amazing.  Can you live with amazing – U-Predict…
Thursday, August 22, 2013

Junk DNA Part 2 - Do the Ancient Chinese and Hindu Meridians Match the Junk DNA Theory?

When you are doing a people-based experiment, you randomize the questions you ask, or the topics you are discussing.  If there is a continuation of a topic, some scientific types will interpret that as “leading” the subjects by continuing the discussions.  However, a broadcast which gets tarot to respond to the idea that the ancient meridian points of both Hindu and Chinese medicine (some charts around 10,000 years old) are a road map of the junk DNA discussed in the last program, I decided that we would get a verification or a correlation between the two topics. 

We had an amazing Reading Room.  The Reading Room included Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthew, Ramona McKee, ReeNee Cummins, Kooch Daniels, Mary Brown (TarotDactyl) and Dax Carlisle.   

From the first readings, we got a strong positive from the tarot that these meridians were the best understanding of the junk DNA that humanity could understand.  It is interesting that these meridians are still used today in both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, thousands of years later.  This also posed the question – “Does belief effect treatment?”  When acupuncture first came to the west, it was deemed ineffective by the medical community.  However, open-minded people who were not satisfied with their western treatment got relief after acupuncture treatments.  The cards indicated that mental attitude and belief were important in all forms of healing; we are the healers.

We next ask the tarot if there was a time when it was better use modern or allopathic medicine. The answer we got was based more on reader’s actual knowledge than the tarot itself. It was agreed that in the case of an emergency, receiving allopathic emergency room or trauma care was of the utmost importance. In cases where surgery is required, allopathic medicine is the recommended choice.  Anita Perez, who is a herbalist, also pointed out that some of the newer medications work faster and better on infectious diseases.

In turning to the cards themselves, we received the identical synchronistic Major Arcana cards for this reading – the most synchronistic was The Sun. In the last reading, The Sun represented the joy that all mankind should feel because we are getting scientific evidence that the spiritual beliefs about body, mind and spirit of the ancients were correct. It may sound insulting to say that we need the scientific evidence. However for some people and for other scientists this is the key to opening their minds. For those of us who already hold these beliefs, it gives us more confidence in teaching and in using these techniques to help others. 

We also saw a return of the Emperor as in the last reading; the Emperor described the incredible creative dynamic that we tap into when we tap into the universe using our junk DNA. The only new major Arcana that appeared in this reading was the card of Justice. It is easy to understand that the cards are discussing the fact that modern quantum science is proving ancient, metaphysical ideas to be correct – Justice has been served on these age-old ideas.

As far as the minor Arcana, once again, as in the last reading, the number of 7's of all suits led in the number of synchronicities.  Again 7 is the number of mysticism; it gives us pause to review the teachings of the ancients and see how we can apply this knowledge to our modern lives.

As we came to the end of the program, we ask the question of the tarot, “How do we disseminate this information to the modern world?” What happened at this point was extremely interesting. The Reading Room began to pull queens of all suits. The opinion in the Reading Room was that women and women’s health issues could be a springboard to talking about these new/ancient ways. Reenee mentioned that in earlier broadcasts dealing with the year 2013 forward that the role of women was predicted to be more important.  The consensus in the Reading Room was that part of the focus of the conservative war on women was because these more narrow minds feared what bright, well-educated female minds would bring to the table. Because this theme of the importance that women will play in the future, it will be interesting to see how this comes to pass.

Many of the readers in the Reading Room saw the Ley lines of the Earth as its meridian system. There was concern raised as to what would happen if and when the Earth and its energy became unbalanced. One theory was that was proposed was that we are discovering this information now so that we can bring ourselves into harmony and balance so we can face whatever the future brings. One final and disturbing prediction that Jean Maurie Puhlman and others in the Reading Room saw was that there will be some sort of death because of this adjustment. The room the Reading Room was divided as to if this meant the death of old systems and ideas or actual physical death.

How exciting is it to be alive with all these new discoveries, U-Predict…
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is U-Predict

On Tuesday, June 25th, U-Predict on Attune Magazine radio reached a milestone – it had been on the air for one year.  U-Predict collects data to show a correlation of Jung’s study of archetypes and how they appear in a synchronistic fashion when our lives have something important to say to us.  Jung’s work defined archetypes as the existence of universal abstract forms that channel human experiences and emotions.  These abstract forms resulted in recognizable and typical patterns of behavior with certain probable outcomes. 

However instead of reading for individuals, on U-Predict the Reading Room reads for the collective – for the entire world.  U-Predict asks questions about the direction of society.  U-Predict asks questions about “forbidden” science and history, asking if we have interpreted the artifacts or evidence correctly (the answer we get is no, and you don’t even understand what you are looking at).

ReeNee Cummins says “When asking about humanity, we have three cards that have been most synchronistic – The Hanged Man, Judgment and the Tower.  When we revisit the synchronicities of the past year, we see a cycle of the Universe either giving us a chance to step out of our comfort zone (The Hanged Man) and learn how to live (Judgment), or wait for the Universe to teach us the lesson (The Tower).  We also see that those that search will end up outside the box.  And perhaps they will find a way to inspire others to do the same.”

In addition to continuing the show, the data collected is turned into blogs which are being compiled into books that will be published at a future date.  U-Predict can be heard on Tuesday afternoon 1:00 PST/4:00 EST on Blogtalk/AttuneMagazineRadio.  
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U-Predict blog – our junk DNA, the body’s Internet?

This was not an easy show to interpret because of the nuances in the cards pulled.  I write 10 to 14 questions per show to assure that we fill the hour. Usually, if I ask 11 questions, I get around 35 individual tarot readings from the reading room for those 11 questions. On this particular show I only asked eight questions but the reading room supplied over 55 individual readings! The cards just flowed. Because of the rapid responses from the tarot to the questions I do believe that this is a very significant topic

The Reading Room included Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Joanne Matthews, Ramona McKee, ReeNee Cummins, and Dax Carlisle.    New reader this week was TarotCharioteer, who told us his name was Victor.

Reenee started by reminding us that we only use 10% of our brains; science now has discovered that that ratio of used to unused or “junk” DNA is about the same.  Most of the scientific community has been ignoring this “junk” DNA.  However, German and Russian scientists have been studying it and have made some interesting discoveries.  Discoveries that would explain many psychic experiences that  seem to act to a telephone to other dimensions and the wisdom therein!  The most amazing discovery is that our DNA can cause magnetized wormholes!  These wormholes are tunnel connections between different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time (psychic information, communication with guides and angels, etc.). The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness.  With this mind boggling concept we began reading.

The first Major Arcana card that showed synchronicity was Judgment.  Many of this card’s dynamics give meaning to these concepts.  It is a “wake up” moment of proof and truth for those of us who know our esoteric experiences are real but face a doubting world.  It is a “wake up” moment for free thinkers who now can conceptualize that not all our thoughts come from whatever our brain really is.  For the scientific, it leaves them in the uncomfortable place of seeing the data, but not being sure what it means.  Judgment also talks about life never being the same.  Once one awakens and understands this information, what is received will be viewed with less skepticism.  It will be interesting to see how much further we as readers can develop these sources of information, now we see the proof of the mechanics behind the experience.

The Major Arcana card with the most synchronicities was the Sun card.  Of course the idea behind the sun card is that of a sunny day or of a cat sitting in the sunshine. All is good. The major Arcana telling us to wake up to this research and be overjoyed demonstrated the importance of these discoveries.

The third major Arcana card that was in synchronicity was the Emperor. What made it even more fascinating was the fact that the Empress made no appearances in the cards in 55 readings. This was the tarot’s way of demonstrating the quantum mechanics of the discovery. In both ancient oriental religions as well as in the Kabbalah the male force is the force of creation. The female force is seen as the generator of matter and our reality. Reality does not function without both; neither is more important than the other. What the cards are saying is that we are truly touching and interacting with the information side of the universe. It is up to us to make manifest (act as the female) to what the universe gives us as thought.

The next two sets of questions we ask were very off-the-wall. We ask that if wormholes of information that came from one dimension or part of the universe to another would that explain ghosts. The cards were extremely positive about this as an explanation.  Anita Perez told our listeners about a paranormal investigator named David Roundtree who is tracking and recording field of energy anomalies around people practicing the psychic sciences (giving readings, mediumship, etc.).David’s recording of these energy anomalies would match the whole concept of the tiny wormholes of information some is so intense or is repeated so often that the information wormhole become stabilized. We ask then if these more stabilized wormholes would account for residual hauntings– and we got another strong affirmative from the cards.
The meaning and interpretations of the synchronistic Minor Arcana are breathtaking.  We had thirteen 7’s and thirteen 8’s.  Seven is a masculine number having to do with the mystery of energy, the psychic, and the energy of the human body (the seven chakras).  We were told that we are receiving this energy dynamic by the Emperor in the Major Arcana.  Eight is a feminine number that is, of course, most identified with the material. Understanding that the Major Arcana deals with higher spiritual truths and the cosmic laws, having a complete set of male and female cards in the Minor Arcana emphasizes the point that we communicate with the creative universe via our DNA; in this dimension, however, it takes the yin and the yang, the male and the female to create our reality around us. Of course, with these synchronicities it was only natural to again see an abundance of Kings and Queens in the reading room. Because the king and queen are seen as royalty or individuals having power over us, the interpretation was that this was the love of both male and female deity reaching out to help us as we grow in awareness and consciousness. That was one thing that was stressed in the article, was that the higher the consciousness of the individual, the easier it was to interact with one’s own DNA gate to the universe and bring the information into manifestation. A comment that was made from the reading room was that there were a lot of seven of swords amongst the 7's. It was a reminder that the need to improve consciousness to activate this DNA would be an attractive target for charlatans that want to make money. The reading room agreed from personal experience that there was truly no shortcut to understanding oneself and to grow in consciousness. It is a goal worth having, but it is a goal that will take a lot of work.

The final topic that we touched upon was the idea that if there was a community filled with highly conscious people the DNA in all of the community members would join together and would have unlimited power to cure illness, to provide food and shelter, and to have unlimited energy. So our final question was is our society anywhere near a point where we can connect our DNA for a better tomorrow? The answer was predictable - regrettably, we are not there; but with the change in consciousness that started in 2012 we are steadily moving in that direction.

At this point we look back at some topics from previous U-Predicts, specifically at the work of Dr. Carmen Boulter, who sees the pyramids in Egypt and around the world as broadcasting towers that provided a form of energy that kept people healthy and happy.  While her work is controversial, it is covered in a documentary series called the pyramid code. Considering the subject of this U-Predict, it is well worth a watch.  

Will we get there in the near future? You predict…