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Friday, August 8, 2014

Where is the World Headed? (Air Date: 7/29/2014)

Blogger's note:  This will be a new format for this blog.  People are most curious about which cards appear in synchronicity.  I will be focusing on that with less commentary.  I encourage readers to look at the cards and see if they see anything else in the patterns.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, BeckyGraywolf, Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins. Pamela Phillips-Steele (Steele Wizard Tarot, Wizard's Pets Tarot for Children) joined us for the first time.

The questions asked were directed at giving us an overview of the fighting on planet earth; the fighting in the Middle East as well as the Russian situation with Ukraine.  This was a reader's/listener's request, as many people are very war weary and do not want to see us in another conflict.  Cards drawn in Synchronicity:

Major Arcana:
  • Justice - pulled 9 times
  • Heirophant - pulled 4 times
  • Hermit - pulled 4 times
  • Moon - pulled 4 times
Minor Arcana:
  • Pages of Cups, Wands, Pentacles - Average of 6 times
  • 6 Swords - pulled 6 times
  • 2 Wands - pulled 5 times
  • 5 Wands - pulled 7 times
  • 9 Cups - pulled 5 times (mostly reversals)
  • 7 Pentacles - pulled 5 times
Cards were heavy in both the fire (Wands) and earth (pentacles) suites.  

Reading Room comments:

Ivy Lieberman: Fighting continues, but the fighting according to earth time is still short lived. A drop in the will balance out when it is no longer profitable...We are fools if we think anyone can change their actions for any length of time.  But a woman in power may do the most to create peace.

Pamela Phillips-Steele: The ability to remain calm and centered channeling two extreme points of power.  Hence the Queen of Wands to answer Ivy's point (she pulled this queen as part of her reading).  I see a woman, mature, innovative. Young at heart.  Untapped potential.  Shamanic decent.

WalksWithSpirit saw a female too, but she saw someone very young: I think the woman will be YOUNG, she's maybe a child now.  like 5 years old.

ReeNee mentioned that she was very encouraged by Samantha Powers, who is the US ambassador to the United Nations.  Pamela Phillips-Steele commented on the meaning and power of her name:  'Samantha is a made-up female given name; it was essentially invented in America near the end of the 17th century. As a result, the etymology of the name is somewhat unclear. It was likely inspired by the masculine name Samuel, combined with the feminine suffix “-antha” (from the Greek “anthos” meaning “flower"). Samuel is a Hebrew name, from Shemu'el, meaning “in the name of God” from the Hebrew elements “shem” (name) and “El.'

The reading room then became concerned with the refugee problem; it is a bigger a problem in the areas of fighting than here in the United States.  It, likes the fighting, gets more serious everyday:

WalkWithSpirit:  Off the bad - stop funding war - you'll not have homeless people or folks fleeing.  

Ivy Lieberman:  I live 5 minutes from Murrieta in So's shameful how we can turn our backs on the needy. Balance without strife.

The next question was about the role of the War in Iraq as a destablizing force in the region.  The Reading Room responded: 

Ivy Lieberman:  The war left a hope that Saudi Arabia was only happy to fill...others followed. But what is already chaos remained chaos.

The future seemed based on the idea of chaos. The Middel East has been chaotic for THOUSANDS of years. Most people see chaos as a bad thing. However, according to the Fractal Foundation ( "Chaos explores the transitions between order and disorder, which often occur in surprising ways."  The next pull of the cards verified that idea:  

PamelaPhillips-Steele:  Maiden of Wands (potential again for growth and innovative new ideas) 7 of Pentacles (these ideas would have taken time but eventually produced fruit) 8 of Pentacles (learning a new way of life from the Masters).  Order is born of chaos as is the way of the Universe.  We need a different perspective.  Not so personal. But from perspective of Spirit....Chariot, being drawn forward by forces beyond our control.

Jean Maurie Puhlman commented on why the way forward was so burdensome: Those in "power" won't leave it alone, they want money.

PamelaPhillips-Steele:  Personal control. In Spirit, together, we can make a difference.  We can see and authentically feel our way through. Ivy Lieberman reminded us that we did have the synchronicity that we see whenwe read the cards.  

WalkWithSpirit:  People need to regroup within themselves and draw from spirit and not look outside for fulfilment.

The final question was about the Russian/Ukraine situation.  All the readers commented that the world was seeing Putin for what he is.  The Tarot stated that the US did not want another war.

Jean Maurie Puhlman pulled from The Angel Deck for some angelic advice:  

On the refugee situations:  
Knight of Gabriel - time to take action! Great passion for a cause.  Instinctively knowing just what to do.  Are we doing all we can?

On the Iraq war causing the problems we are seeing:   Card 15 - Decision - release yourself from that which holds you back. A need to detox.  Later in the session, the cards talked about how "war weary" the United States is.  She also pulled the 8 of Michael "You can be free! make a courageous choice to change your situation. Not seeing things clearly."  That nicely summed up the conversation we had with Tarot on how we all can work to improve the situation.

Did the reading cover the current conditions and give us direction?  U-Predict...