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U-Predict – Were There Other Human-Like Species on Earth – 09/24/2013

A good deal of the ideas behind today’s show comes from a theory by the author of Forbidden Archeology, Michael Cremo. Michael is a member of the History of Science Society, the World Archeological Congress, the Philosophy of Science Association, the European Association of Archaeologists and an associate member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, specializing in history and philosophy of science.  These societies all are pushing to bring a more philosophical dynamic to hard science, looking at what would happen if you added a form of spirituality to the research, or what effect a major, history changing discovery would mean to all of society.  I personally will highly recommend the book to anyone is has an interest in crypto archeology.

Cremo’s primary philosophy is the opposite of the “ancient alien” theory.  He believes that may different types of humanoids have inhabited the planet, only to “graduate” through enlightenment to another dimension.  Later in time, intelligent design begins again to create a being that can learn from the conditions on earth.  In some cases, one civilization may gain the legacy of a previous civilization – the Egyptians may have inherited the pyramids.  It is up to the next humanoid race to interpret the previous civilization, and continue the use of a technology or develop their own.  He uses this as an explanation as to why the “guesses” of the early 1900’s about different ancient cultures are proving inaccurate in light of the more advanced science that we have today.  He stresses that we have a lot to learn from these past civilizations, and that we should not turn our back on new theories just because they don’t match what we were told in high school or college.

The readers for today’s show included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Kea Hypnosis Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. 
We started asking questions with a black or white perspective – were the skeletons alien or were they different humanoids?  The cards said that we had both.  But the cards also asked us if that really mattered?  Do we need to confuse the discussion of unexplained archeology with a number of different theories of who these beings are, where they came from, or if a deity was involved?  Should we not be more interested in what these beings left us to discover as far as rediscovered ancient science and not worry about who they might have been. 

The Major Arcana card that echoed this thought was the Temperance card.  The card speaks to keeping a balance; a balance between science and spirituality, and a balance between what people hold near as a belief.  The other Major Arcana that was pulled in synchronicity was the Sun.  Again, the reading was multi-level – first there is realizing that there are people who just want to sit in the sunshine, and not have to do any deep thinking; second there are people who want to dig deep, show the light on the truth of where we come from.  We have to ask ourselves if we can live with both. 

The Minor Arcana synchronicities started with the Ace of Swords - a powerful, new idea that people may not like.  We have evolution, which science now claims as fact, and we have a deity-centric creation that a lot of very religious people believe in.  Now we add ancient aliens and a new theory that civilizations are created by intelligent design, to fulfill the spiritual need of a bunch of souls.    The Four of Wands is about a firm foundation.  What kind of a firm foundation do we have to move science forward?  Should we worry about where we came from, or more interested in understanding their technology and seeing if would could improve our world with it? 

The next card was the pesky King of Pentacles.  Ah, yes, the man with the money.  Even though books like Forbidden Archeology sell well, but the people with the purse strings are dissuaded by those with pieces of paper and research that keeps the status quo.  When one considers what could happen to the foundation of civilization if there was proof that everything we believed was wrong, it is easy to understand why money supports the most basic understanding of The Sun card – just sit and enjoy the sunshine.  The final synchronistic card was the 7 of Pentacles, the perfect card to end the reading.  The answer will only come with patience.  Patience with humanity as much as patience with the science that would help us decipher this technology.  Where do we come from and does it matter…U-Predict.

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U-Predict Blog – Personal Responsibility – 09/17/2013

At the core of some of the bitterest debates in society is the idea of personal responsibility.  Government officials claim that if people were “more responsible” they would get jobs and quit taking government handouts.  Citizens claim that if gun owners would truly support “personal responsibility”, we could get better gun safety regulations passed.  The old claim the young have no personal responsibility; the young say that senior citizens didn’t take personal responsibility for their old age and the young now foot the bill…and on, and on.  In fact, a personal friend who has connections to the paranormal entertainment industry asked me to do a show on this topic.  Quite frankly, if I had met him at 25, and he had offered me even an internship to pursue what fascinated me, along with meeting people who could help me further my career, I would have cleaned up after zombies.  But he says this is not the case.  That alone intrigued me enough to what to pull cards on this topic.

The Reading Room for this show included Anita Perez, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, and ReeNee Cummins.  We added Energytherapies as a new visitor and contributor to the show.

We started with the routine questions – parental responsibility to teach, learned helplessness from reading too many help-yourself books (aka your life IS screwed up), and even looked at if “teaching to the test” had caused a decline in learning self-responsibility.  What we got was surprising and but thought provoking from the tarot.   The tarot said that self-responsibility was something that mankind had tried to avoid for thousands of years.  When you look at religion stretching back far into history, you see a pattern of being able to blame an outside entity (like a devil or evil spirit) for their bad behavior.  We also have the religions who tell the adherents to complete an act or believe on a person or event in history and they are absolved of their “sins”.  Many interpret this as be able to go on their merry way, behaving as they wish because they are “saved”.    

The Reading Room had their own ideas and opinions about what caused the lack of self-responsibility.  Anita Perez brought up and defended the idea that societal norms were tightening; this gives people the self-granted right to bully and be bigoted against those who saw the world differently.  Finally, these folks just give up – go their own way, surviving the best they could.  Ivy Lieberman talked about the importance of self-esteem – and how it is the gateway to compassion as an adult.  Ivy and Jean Maurie both talked about how self-esteem allows a person to follow their own path, and not fall victim to the societal norms we had discussed earlier in the show.  Both ReeNee and Energytherapies talked about the problem of enabling, and how many people did not understand that there is a huge difference between building self-esteem and just giving in or enabling someone to make poor decisions about their life.

The Major Arcana cards gave us a picture of the situation as well as a solution.  First card in synchronicity was the Hermit.  Bottom line, we go it alone.  This has been one of the strongest messages in all our broadcasts – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.  You decide your life, you create your fate, and in the end, you have to accept the consequences.  The next Major in synchronicity was Justice, but in all cases the pulled card was REVERSED.  Humanity does not want this responsibility.  Many do not want to stand for justice, for the right thing.  We would rather continue along either beating our chests in triumph as we watch our opponents struggle, or cry piteously that “what we did in a previous life” caused the misery we face now (forgetting that we dropped out of high-school, cheated on our spouse which destroyed our family, or abused our bodies to the point of chronic ill health).  And the final major was the card of Judgment.  For the purpose of this reading, the card should be read literally as in karma will judge, and in the classical sense of WAKE THE HELL UP – it doesn’t work like you think it does.

The Minor Arcana gave us a good idea of the dynamic behind this topic – we had the 5 of Wands and the 5 of Swords.  This reflects both the battle between people willing to help people in need whatever the reason and the 5 of Swords, which is vanquishing your enemy – making the little people suffer.  We had the 2 of Swords which said that choosing not to help was not a monumental problem (interesting to note that within days of the show, Pope Francis had told his churches to quit focusing on politics and going back to helping those in need), and that a solution of reaching out to those people could be achieved.  We were given an answer in the Minors as well – We had the Queen of Wands (the sharp idea lady), the King of Cups (the fatherly mentor) the Page of Wands (an adolescent type who may not realize that there are things to learn) and the Ace of Wands.  

We need new thinking!  There are programs abounding in the US where people at any age are taught to start over.  There are the developers and trainers who get people thinking; there are loving mentors who take people under their wing and given them skills.  These programs have a track-record of success.  That is where our focus should be.  This is the answer to the Major Arcana telling us to wake the hell up.  The answer is yes, we will help teach these people instead of letting them flounder.  We will tell them that they are terrific, and we will help them find a place where their terrific-ness fits in.  The final card was the 10 of Pentacles.  Are we ready to help people find that level of security…U Predict!
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U-Predict - All about Psychic Vampires - 09/10/2013

If you are at all a psychic/sensitive, you feel them the minute they enter the door – something is not off, their energy isn’t normal.  If you are in a professional setting, you try to put it behind you.  You greet the person, shake hands – and start to wish you were somewhere else.  This is where experience and study pays off.  You no longer fight the feeling; you start to ground, guard, and ward.  You’re dealing with a psychic vampire. 

Some of these people know exactly what they are doing; some have no idea.  Some practice vampirism to enhance their own strength; others believe that they are spiritually unable to maintain their own life force, and must feed on others.  There are two types – some are emotional vampires, they want to feel and absorb strong human emotion.  The second type wants to literally steal life-force energy from the people they are around.  Most psychics and sensitives run into this type quickly after deciding to do energy work (psychic readings, Reiki, holding spiritual rituals).  Because it is so unsettling, first-time experiencers are quick to turn toward the large community to ask what happened.  On the other hand, some psychics/sensitives claim the whole psychic vampire thing is just nonsense, or that if you flood them with love they will leave.   The term is also adopted by the fringe psychology community.  However, these vampires are out to suck the live out of your career; they are the disrupters, the complainers, the back-stabbers in the next cubicle; few of these descriptions match what they paranormal community considers a psychic vampire (usually, the term is used to sell books).  If you ask a mainstream psychologist, especially one who practices Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), you will be informed that what is happening is you are projecting the feelings on the other person, and once you stop, it will stop (it doesn’t).

So considering that I had been told that I was using silly, old-fashioned ideas about psychic vampires by some psychics/sensitives, and that no “real” psychologists want to discuss the topic, I thought it would be a very interesting topic for U-Predict.  I was right; we had one of the fullest Reading Rooms in the history of the show.  The readers included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. Eric Risinger of Paraencountersnetwork joined the Reading Room with a psychic vampire story of his own, Kea Hypnosis joined and added from the perspective of a hypnotherapist, and Oracle Treehouse gave us a sanity check with an oracle deck. 

First, the participants in the Reading Room all had experiences with psychic vampires – no one agreed that they were nonsense.  Ivy Lieberman had written documents for her coven on how to deal with one if they showed up to participate in a ritual or other activities.  Eric talked about meeting one at a paranormal event.  The vampire had sought him out later alone to try to feed.  He had frightened the person away by psychically yelling at him.  Reenee recounted a similar experience when she and Mary Nale were attending an event.  The psivamp had left after some psychic screaming. 

Several members of the Reading Room recommended crystal and stone wards to keep psivamps (as they like to be called) away.  Ivy Lieberman suggested opal, moonstone, and obsidian and the herb yarrow.

Anita Perez suggested hematite, black tourmaline, and dragon’s blood resin.  ReeNee suggested jet and amber as a necklace.  ReeNee also recommended a mudra of linking the index fingers and thumbs in a chain.  Even articles written by psivamps themselves claimed that the hand mudra would stop them. 

As far as the cards themselves, the reading was very deep and very powerful.  The High Priestess, The Hermit, and The Devil were the Major Arcana cards.  The High Priestess answered the question posed by ReeNee on the cause of psivamps – the reasons are hidden and not singular.  There could be past live lessons to be learned; this could be a learned skill that gives the practitioner (especially emotional vampires) a rush or high; it may be part of some kind of personal spiritual practice.  The Hermit speaks that this can cause a person to live a very solitary life.  Many people flee when they come in contact with any psivamp.   Some do not understand their effect on other people, and just retreat from close relationships.  Some decide that there must be a positive side to the condition, and use their energy sensing for the positive.  These psivamps give readings and doing paranormal research.  This is the other side of The Hermit – seeking the positive side of a situation.  Then there is the Devil.  Again, a card that has two meanings, one that the person feels trapped in a hell not of their making, or using and manipulating others for one’s own gain.  The Major Arcana matched the research done for the show.  Some psivamps know but dislike and feel helpless about their condition, others use it as a necessity, and a third group sucks energy for the enjoyment and control of others. 

Even the Minor Arcana reflected strong energy – the Kings of Wards and Swords.  With these two kings we have a good representative of the human energy system – the life force and brain activity.  What was most interesting was that the other Minor Arcana was that it was the 3 of Cups – but all draws were reversed.  Instead of the 3 being about gayety and happiness it is about stuck energy – again back to the concept people not wanting to be around these types of folks. 

Are you ready to deal with a psivamp?  U-Predict…
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

U-Predict blog – Is Enlightenment the Missing Link between Science and Religion – 09/03/2013

Cyber Delphi is based on social experimentation. Yes, we do interpret the tarot, looking for signs of synchronicity on a given topic, but it is people who interpret cards and share their interpretation and philosophy as the broadcast moves along. Because this involves social experimentation, we sometimes re-examine a topic to see if our answers either match or are close in nature.  This is required by the scientific community because people change their minds and their beliefs sometimes on a daily basis. By getting two similar readings on a similar topic, we strengthen the correlation that synchronicity exist and can be a tool used to improve society in the world. This show was similar to one done on whether or not religion helps or harmed man.  There were synchronicities between the two readings; however this reading which focused on enlightenment gave us a much stronger card set to work with.  Note:  While the word “enlightenment” was used in the title, the term consciousness was considered a broader understanding and was used for the questions on the broadbast.

The Reading Room for U-Predict included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins.

The underlying theme to the questions asked was that a utopian society would be built once our science and religion found common ground. Some of the questions that we posed asked if religion would completely disappear, if it would morph into a hybrid that included both philosophies, or would some continue to cling to the ancient ways. The answer we got was that we would continue to cling to not only our religions but to the books that supported them.  This also affected the answer to the question about world peace. The cards indicated that because people would continue to cling to the ancient, the blending of science and religion would not solve problems based on religious beliefs or interpretations.  In questions about money for scientific research or a space program, the tarot told us that those were economic issues and funding would not increase just because of an increase in consciousness.

Again, as with our last show, we pulled an unusually high number of Major Arcana cards.  Last show we pulled nine Major Arcana cards; this week, the number was seven. The tarot seems to be asking us to pay attention to our consciousness when undertaking scientific research, reading, or tasks. The tarot is also saying that if we approach scientific discoveries with an open mind and heart, we may be shown where these discoveries fit in with the grand plan of the Universe.  The Major Arcana cards that were pulled were The Magician, The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Lovers, Strength, Justice, and The Devil. To glimpse down this list and quickly review the meaning of these cards defines the struggle that most of humanity has between religion, science, and expanding their consciousness. Of course the Emperor, Strength, and Justice are cards that demonstrate a path of overcoming past wrongs and bringing justice and harmony to the world. With this particular show and topic The Lovers card can be read both ways; relating both to the idea of loving what is around you, as well as the idea of making good choices. The High Priestess speaks of the mysteries yet to be uncovered, as well as the mystery of how consciousness can be expanded for the average person. The final cards, The Magician and The Devil, speak that how we view the world is completely up to us. We can see the power that we hold as promised by the Magician, and work to bring beauty and truth to the world. We also can make the choice to keep our minds and beliefs prisoners of outmoded and outdated ideas. That is what The Devil card is about – making one’s own hell, and keeping one’s mind in that hell. This applies to both sides of the fence. Both religious and scientific extremist drag the argument down in their own way and neither side nor the side of consciousness makes any progress.

There were only three Minor Arcana cards that were pulled in synchronicity; the 5 of swords, the 7 of swords, and the 10 of cups.  Both the 5 and the 7 of swords are cards of turmoil, anger, and power seized but not won.  This showed a synchronicity with the Major Arcana cards, and the answers we got to our questions. People will continue to fight – both within the religious community, and the scientific community to prove that they are absolutely right.  This fight to be right was the overlying theme in the synchronicity of the previous broadcast about religion. We had pulled 15 number five cards of all suits.  That much five energy is all about fighting and arguing and not listening at all. Also, on that show we only pulled two Major Arcana cards.  A topic as important as religion is to many people should be represented by more Major Arcana cards pulled.  With that small of a number of majors being pulled, the Universe via the tarot is telling us that religion is not the answer and that there is something much bigger and more profound that we need to understand. Considering that this show was about consciousness affecting both science and religion and the Major Arcana cards pulled, the cards showed that the Universe is a lot more interested in the general expansion of consciousness amongst the human race.  As long as people are fighting, it will be hard to see any growth in consciousness. However, the 10 cups does offer hope in the long run; this is the card of abundance and happiness. This is the way to a happy, interesting future life – an open mind and an open heart with consciousness steadily increasing.  This is the way to have the best of all worlds. Are you ready? U-Predict…
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U-Predict Blog - Was the War on Drugs Worth It? 08/27/2013

Blogger’s thoughts – When the research for this broadcast started, it was going to be a show about how the counter-culture drugs of the 60’s were taking their place in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and hospices as life-enhancing drugs.  Hallucinogens were being used to relieve the excruciating pain of cluster headaches; guided LSD trips give the dying a feeling of oneness with the universe, and make their final days joyous; and the list of benefits from use of marijuana grows longer every day.  However, when I started to put together examples for U-Predict, I discovered that most of this research and use was being done in Europe and especially in Israel.  Many of these treatments, no matter how beneficial, were unavailable in all or parts of the United States - the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which was a compilation and continuation of laws going back to 1914, disallows their use.  So I turned in the opposite direction.  I decided to ask tarot if this prohibition had been worth or time and money.

In June 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report on the War on Drugs, declaring "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world.   In 40 years, the United States ALONE had spent over a trillion dollars; only to see many states pass laws permitting medical marijuana and two states’ citizens voting to make the drug legal.  So that was the question posed to the Reading Room – “Was the War on Drugs worth it?”  The Reading Room included Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, Deb Frueh, and ReeNee Cummins.  Because this topic had been argued to death with the open resurgence of marijuana, I truly worried if this topic was going to be of interest to readers or to the public in general; however, the results were amazing.

First, any time a reader sees a large number of Major Arcana cards in a reading, they tell the client that something very important spiritually or karmically is about to happen on this topic.  We pulled synchronicities on 9 Major Arcana cards!  Despite dismissal of this topic by many people as trite or non-important, the outcome is going to say a great deal about the future of our society.  I will let the cards do to talking about meaning.

But there was another interesting event that happened on this U-Predict and the U-Predict broadcast earlier this year entitled “Are we going to pot?” which dealt with Marijuana use.  The results of the “going to pot” show were that the legalization of pot was a slow-moving freight train.  After it got moving, it would be large and powerful enough to make it happen across the nation.  During this show, Ivy Lieberman said “There are so many bad connotations associated with the use of drugs, but the light is shining on it by legalization of Marijuana...the beginning.”  Other readings from the Reading Rook showed that there would be positive results in the near future on legalization.  On 8/29 The United States government took a historic step away from the drug war when Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice would allow the states to create system of regulation and implementation for the ballot initiatives that legalized the use of marijuana for adults.  The announcement also supported the states where marijuana could be medically prescribed.  While U-Predict did predict the outcome of the last election and the mood that affects so much of the United States in 2013, we aren’t a typical prediction program.  However, the Reading Room (again) was spot on.

The Major Arcana gave us this picture on the topic.  First, yes some people will abuse whatever drugs are legalized.  We had The Devil (many read this as a card of addiction) The Hanged Man, and The Hermit.   There was discussion from the Reading Room that some of the drug taking was out of boredom, or even curiosity, and did not lead to addiction.   In addition, that combination also suggests that we look at things in a different way and perhaps come to understand that drug use can by a symptom of mental illness.  Seen in this light, the answer is medical assessment and treatment. 

The Reading Room was quick to remind that for some people traditional medicine had failed; the use of marijuana may give the relief they have sought and been denied.  The Moon reminded all that there is not one answer for everyone.  We got the Star, which shows that legalization may give patients hope (this also was an echo that we got from the “going to pot” broadcast).  The Wheel of Fortune was a demonstration of the demographics behind the changing of minds and the law; more people support legalization than support continuing as we have in the past.  The demographic definitely has to do with age – those who are adamantly opposed are quietly slipping across the veil. Even many aging Baby Boomers admit to experimentation, and have no problems with an organized and controlled method of distribution. 

The final cards were Strength and The Sun (this is the 4th show in a row where the Sun has been the most synchronistic Major Arcana card drawn).    We do have the strength to use these substances wisely; we will be happier as a nation if we have more choices over what our healthcare looks like and how we choose to treat our health problems.  The fact that the nation can choose to allow citizens to make a natural choice instead of waiting for big pharma to determine how and what medication we are given is the reason for the large number of Major Arcana cards.  We as citizens need to speak up, or act up until our needs are met in a way that allows for personal freedom.

The Minor Arcana also echoed these ideas and the concerns that society may hold about both the War on Drugs and the legalization.  Most prominent was both the 8 and 9 of Swords pulled synchronistically.  These two cards together can denote illness.  And that is the underlying issue here.  Are we discussing drug abuse as an illness or as a reason for incarceration?  Is drug abuse the sign of an illness that could be treated and/or controlled with the proper help?  The other side of the coin is who will we help with the marijuana dispensaries who may not be helped any other way?  I know several Fibromyalgia patients who say that pot is the best pain relief they can get.  I can say the same thing about PTSD – many claim it is the best treatment. 
The 7 and 8 of Cups were also pulled in synchronicity.  We need to learn what truth is, educate with that truth, and move away from the fear mongering of the past. “Refer Madness” IS NOW A COMEDY.    

The final synchronicities of the Minor Arcana were about, of course, money.  We had the King of Cups representing health professionals who are willing to try or to recommend marijuana to give their patients relief.  We also had the King of Pentacles (reversed twice) which shows the monetary side of the argument.  Why should people grow their own medicine when it can be synthesized by big pharma to make corporations richer?  We also had a synchronicity on the 5 of pentacles which tells us that any negative arguments we hear should be filtered to hear who is trying to make money with their negativity.

Is the United States waking up?  Are we turning an important corner in which citizens will be able to make one more major decision about the healthcare or their quality of life?   U-Predict…