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Hall of Mirrors Tarot - Card Examples

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Where is the World Headed? (Air Date: 7/29/2014)

Blogger's note:  This will be a new format for this blog.  People are most curious about which cards appear in synchronicity.  I will be focusing on that with less commentary.  I encourage readers to look at the cards and see if they see anything else in the patterns.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, BeckyGraywolf, Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins. Pamela Phillips-Steele (Steele Wizard Tarot, Wizard's Pets Tarot for Children) joined us for the first time.

The questions asked were directed at giving us an overview of the fighting on planet earth; the fighting in the Middle East as well as the Russian situation with Ukraine.  This was a reader's/listener's request, as many people are very war weary and do not want to see us in another conflict.  Cards drawn in Synchronicity:

Major Arcana:
  • Justice - pulled 9 times
  • Heirophant - pulled 4 times
  • Hermit - pulled 4 times
  • Moon - pulled 4 times
Minor Arcana:
  • Pages of Cups, Wands, Pentacles - Average of 6 times
  • 6 Swords - pulled 6 times
  • 2 Wands - pulled 5 times
  • 5 Wands - pulled 7 times
  • 9 Cups - pulled 5 times (mostly reversals)
  • 7 Pentacles - pulled 5 times
Cards were heavy in both the fire (Wands) and earth (pentacles) suites.  

Reading Room comments:

Ivy Lieberman: Fighting continues, but the fighting according to earth time is still short lived. A drop in the will balance out when it is no longer profitable...We are fools if we think anyone can change their actions for any length of time.  But a woman in power may do the most to create peace.

Pamela Phillips-Steele: The ability to remain calm and centered channeling two extreme points of power.  Hence the Queen of Wands to answer Ivy's point (she pulled this queen as part of her reading).  I see a woman, mature, innovative. Young at heart.  Untapped potential.  Shamanic decent.

WalksWithSpirit saw a female too, but she saw someone very young: I think the woman will be YOUNG, she's maybe a child now.  like 5 years old.

ReeNee mentioned that she was very encouraged by Samantha Powers, who is the US ambassador to the United Nations.  Pamela Phillips-Steele commented on the meaning and power of her name:  'Samantha is a made-up female given name; it was essentially invented in America near the end of the 17th century. As a result, the etymology of the name is somewhat unclear. It was likely inspired by the masculine name Samuel, combined with the feminine suffix “-antha” (from the Greek “anthos” meaning “flower"). Samuel is a Hebrew name, from Shemu'el, meaning “in the name of God” from the Hebrew elements “shem” (name) and “El.'

The reading room then became concerned with the refugee problem; it is a bigger a problem in the areas of fighting than here in the United States.  It, likes the fighting, gets more serious everyday:

WalkWithSpirit:  Off the bad - stop funding war - you'll not have homeless people or folks fleeing.  

Ivy Lieberman:  I live 5 minutes from Murrieta in So's shameful how we can turn our backs on the needy. Balance without strife.

The next question was about the role of the War in Iraq as a destablizing force in the region.  The Reading Room responded: 

Ivy Lieberman:  The war left a hope that Saudi Arabia was only happy to fill...others followed. But what is already chaos remained chaos.

The future seemed based on the idea of chaos. The Middel East has been chaotic for THOUSANDS of years. Most people see chaos as a bad thing. However, according to the Fractal Foundation ( "Chaos explores the transitions between order and disorder, which often occur in surprising ways."  The next pull of the cards verified that idea:  

PamelaPhillips-Steele:  Maiden of Wands (potential again for growth and innovative new ideas) 7 of Pentacles (these ideas would have taken time but eventually produced fruit) 8 of Pentacles (learning a new way of life from the Masters).  Order is born of chaos as is the way of the Universe.  We need a different perspective.  Not so personal. But from perspective of Spirit....Chariot, being drawn forward by forces beyond our control.

Jean Maurie Puhlman commented on why the way forward was so burdensome: Those in "power" won't leave it alone, they want money.

PamelaPhillips-Steele:  Personal control. In Spirit, together, we can make a difference.  We can see and authentically feel our way through. Ivy Lieberman reminded us that we did have the synchronicity that we see whenwe read the cards.  

WalkWithSpirit:  People need to regroup within themselves and draw from spirit and not look outside for fulfilment.

The final question was about the Russian/Ukraine situation.  All the readers commented that the world was seeing Putin for what he is.  The Tarot stated that the US did not want another war.

Jean Maurie Puhlman pulled from The Angel Deck for some angelic advice:  

On the refugee situations:  
Knight of Gabriel - time to take action! Great passion for a cause.  Instinctively knowing just what to do.  Are we doing all we can?

On the Iraq war causing the problems we are seeing:   Card 15 - Decision - release yourself from that which holds you back. A need to detox.  Later in the session, the cards talked about how "war weary" the United States is.  She also pulled the 8 of Michael "You can be free! make a courageous choice to change your situation. Not seeing things clearly."  That nicely summed up the conversation we had with Tarot on how we all can work to improve the situation.

Did the reading cover the current conditions and give us direction?  U-Predict...

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Tarot Reading for Predicted Earth Changes – Fact from Prediction (Air dates: 7/15/2014 & 7/22/2014)

Blogger’s note:  Many of us who participate in U-Predict have been part of a broader metaphysical community.  While many people only think of 
the New Age of the 80’s, this community stretches back a couple of centuries in the United States.  In the 1950’s and beyond, there were many predictions made about changes that would happen to the planet itself that would cause mast destruction and death.  What is interesting is too look back with today’s science and see one thing:  the predictions broadly identified change, but may have come up short in describing the exact event.  This can be accounted for by looking at the scientific knowledge of the predictor, and the popular science theories of the time.  It was, however, amazing to see in a matter of about a month several serious scientific blogs and articles talked about the kinds of changes that had been predicted.  And fortunately they were explained in a more modern, less fear-provoking manner.  So we wanted to ask Tarot to give us further information on what the planet is going through.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins.

Metaphysical prediction:  the poles are shifting.  In actuality, this is happening.  According to an article in New Scientist:  “This drift is due to the changes in the distribution of Earth's mass as the crust slowly rebounds after the end of the last ice age...”  However, since 2005 the direction has changed.  Science now feels that again the earth is trying to adjust to the melting of the polar ice and glaciers due to climate change.  From Tarot, we got that this is cyclical; and that one event feeds off the other.  Jean Maurie’s Angel Card (3 Gabriel) warned “prosperity arising from wise planning. Time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected.” So now that we know about this, we need to become activists to make sure these changes are planned for at a global level.

The next set of questions was about the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field.  Many sources, including CBS News talked about the fact that it was weakening at a much faster rate than it had in the past.  Here is where Tarot began to use archetypes to explain things to us.  The Reading Room had drawn a high number of Pages and Wands, plus a large synchronicity on the Ace of Wands.  Tarot was explaining that there was a lot of raw energy (wands) and potential (Pages) under the crust of the Earth.  Because of the potentiality of this energy, from time to time there would be geologic activity. However, the Tarot did NOT see a huge, Earth destroying upheaval in the future.  The Reading Room pulled both the 10 of Cups AND the 10 of Swords in synchronicity.  This also indicated that the activity would not involve everyone everywhere.  Some people would suffer disaster; others would even reap benefits as they tapped geothermal to heat homes and business and used volcanic rich soil to grow crops. Of course, with a question like this, we did pull the High Priestess.  She is there to remind us that the Universe is in charge, and that sometimes things happen and a level and for a reason we may not be able to comprehend.  One thing that was fascinating to
comprehend is the fact that the pole shift may be caused more by climate change and not completely tied to the Earth’s magnetic field.  This was new information to most of us.

Tarot did give a warning about the weakening of the magnetic field and electronics.  We should be careful not to completely become dependent on an Internet-based way of life.  Important data like health and financial records should be stored on paper as well as online.  People would be wise to have some cash stashed in a safe emergency spot so that life could go on if there was an outage.  Tarot did not, however, visualize a complete collapse of our Internet infrastructure or other computer networks.  Other cards pulled in synchronicity were joyous.  We pulled the 3 of Cups.  We should enjoy life. We also pulled the Strength card.  We all could see the Strength card with two different meanings.  First, we are a strong species.  We have survived many disasters. But the reading wasn’t complete reassuring.   Ivy Lieberman read humanity that clings together, helps each other and stays calm will survive.   

WalksWithSpirit added “Will we destroy ourselves to go back to the back to the simple days, or have a real wake up?  We could also predict that we need to remember the strength of the Earth and the systems that sustain it – including those under the crust of the planet.  We need to be ready to help each other when disaster strikes.  The final card pulled in Synchronicity was the Moon.  The moon affects the tides; it may affect the magma at the center of the earth.  The Moon also talks about turning to gut instincts. We need to trust the animals around us to help predict disasters. They can feel what is about to happen.  Birds leave, cats hide, and dogs become listless.  We can learn; we just need to ask the earth spirit to help us.  Jean Maurie pulled the same Angel card twice that gave us this advice:  4 Raphael - seek out other possibilities, look for the magic in life.

On the second week of the show involving Earth changes, we looked at two other topics that were making news.  First, the earth was hit by a “rogue” planet which fractured off the moon.  Second, it was reported that there was a huge ocean in the Earth’s mantle.  No, it’s not liquid – it’s locked away in a mineral called ringwoodite (Discovery Science News).  When we first began discussing this on Facebook some people wondered if this somehow figured into the “hollow earth” theory that many of had heard discussions about or even read books on the topic.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Joanne Mathew, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins.

Of course, when one thinks of the Earth being approached by another planet, the works of Zecharia Sitchin come to mind.  He interpreted Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets and introduced the idea that there had been a 12th planet in the solar system.  Many of Sitchin’s believes feel that the 12th planet had a large, elliptical orbit and drifts by Earth after incredible periods of time.  ReeNee talked to many people who claimed that the 12th planet was going to drift into the Earth in 2012, causing the predicted catastrophe (that never happened).  The cards did not give an affirmative on the 12th planet being the cause of the moon.  Both the Hubble and Kepler Space Telescopes have traced “rogue planets’ wandering throughout space.  So it is highly possible that another planet collided with the Earth; hence the cards agreed with scientific fact. 

The Reading Room and Tarot was much more interested in the huge oceans of water trapped within the Earth’s mantle.  We started with discussion of the hollow earth theory.  Both the Reading Room and Tarot dismissed the concept in its most fundamental understanding.  However, both the readers and the cards were open to the idea of endless caves that were located within the mantle of the planet.  Anita Perez stated “I think there are large caverns inside. I sense that they're there- but hollow?  I don't think that's exactly right.” Ivy Lieberman added “water, caverns, and elements we have not seen as yet,” which was general consensus.  Ivy added an interesting read “mother earth beginning to reveal secrets she was cautious to reveal before.  Can we understand?”

“Can we understand” was the real question of the day on U-Predict.  The cards indicated that this vast amount of water figured into a system of self-cleaning for the planet.  In fact, the cards talked about the bio-systems were self-regulating unless mankind did something to disrupt them.  We again this week had the King of Cups in synchronicity, and the Queen of Cups had high synchronicity this week as well.  The idea of nurturing was carried over.  Again the Reading Room interpreted that we were being told that we are nurtured by the planet, but not protected by forces that are set in motion to bring things into equilibrium.  The Queen of Swords was pulled in synchronicity.  So the introduces the warrior queen doing what she needs to do to protect her realm.  The 10 of Swords was also carried into this show in synchronicity.  It is an unpleasant reminder unless we decide to work with the bio-systems we can be swept into extinction. 

Of the Major Arcana cards, ALL WERE REPEATED IN SYNCHRONICITY FROM THE PREVIOUS SHOW.  Tarot last week took over the show with a strong message about the importance of working with the Earth and not exploiting it. This message continued this week.  We got the High Priestess; again stating that things would happen that we would not understand.  We have to have faith in the wisdom of the Earth and the Universe when such things happen.  We also got the Lovers again; we talked about making choices that are good for the here and now and not thinking about long term consequences.  We also got Strength; reminding us we are a resilient species.  However, we have to remember that the planet itself exhibits tremendous power; power that we must learn to revere. 

The only other card that was in Synchronicity that was new was the 4 of Pentacles.  We were surprised at its appearance.  It is the card that says that money or material wealth may save the situation.  The Reading Room interpreted that again someone may step up with financial or material resources thinking the can fix any damage done.  The Tarot dismisses that idea, as did the reading room.

The Angel cards that Jean Maurie pulled were amazing.  We got:  Page of Gabriel - energetic, brave, and optimistic. You are ready for any challenge and Queen of Ariel - nurture yourself and those you love.  The ability to make anything more beautiful.  Practical and wise advice.  But most amazing of all was: 9 of Gabriel - environment activism.  Be prepared for any possibility

Did Tarot and the Angels give us good advice?   U-Predict…
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U-Predict: A Tarot Reading for Bigfoot (Sasquatch) (Air date: 6/24/2014)

Blogger’s Note:  We haven’t read on Bigfoot because most of the readers who participate are believers.  I was concerned that the strong belief in a topic may influence the results.  However, this reading came from two new, different angles in the hunt for the elusive creature – first, researchers have noted that many of the pictures taken by witnesses are blurry.  This could add a level of paranormal to the sightings that no one had anticipated.  Many times paranormal investigators are plagued by blurry photos when the equipment they used to create the photo was carefully checked out and set up before the photo session began.  The other new angle – equally intriguing - was that UFO activity either preceded the sighting or followed it.  Some witnesses even claimed to have seen the beasts swept up by the UFO!  Now, were these two angles actually new information, or are they being introduced to keep the public’s interest up in an old topic.  We asked Tarot.

Readers for this session included:  Mary Nale, TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins.

There was one strong message from Tarot – leave Bigfoot alone.  Tarot was very dubious about humanity’s interest in the creature.  The cards described the creatures as loving to their own kind; living happily in tribes far away from mankind (synchronicities from the 3 of Cups and 10 of Cups, both cards of joyous, carefree living).   TarotDactyl drew an animal oracle card and got “power, loyalty, leadership, family,” which was confirmation of how we saw the tribes.  We drew the King and Queen of Hearts in synchronicity as well as the King and Queen of Wands in the same synchronicity.  This again speaks of a loving family environment; however we would see it as primitive (King and Queen of Wands are very pragmatic, solid foundation – but back to basics). 

We pulled the 3 of Swords in synchronicity.  This indicated to the Reading Room that the current way we pursue their tribes is heartbreaking to the Sasquatch.  This is a matter of understanding.  They do not understand why we act as we do. We mock the calls they make and chase them with strange lights and equipment, but nothing that would indicate friendship.  Ivy Lieberman drew the High Priestess, 8 of Swords, King of Pentacles and divined “Definitive attention will bring turmoil....we don't understand and are not meant to....leave it alone!” Ivy also got “if my species were close to extinction I would do my best to stay a secret, away from the other destructive species.  Mary Nale got “Bigfoot(s) just don't want to be bothered.  Reclusive.” The King of Pentacles was drawn.  This is the guy who wants to throw money to solve a problem (or create a TV show or movie).

The Major Arcana we pulled carried on the same theme.  We got Strength, indicating that the Sasquatch has a strong desire to survive.  We got Death, which matches with the cards/interpretations we got about their numbers dwindling.  We got the Hanged-Man.  There are two meanings here; in fact this card is a bridge between our past action and a new future.  First, we are pushing the Bigfoot back further into the wilderness as we develop more and more land.  Second, the Hanged Man talks about seeing things in a new way.  We also got the Judgment card in synchronicity.  This is a wake up moment.  We can gather information about sightings.  We can track were these sightings are.  But we don’t need to form “hunting parties” to go out and track them down.  One of the hottest discussions in the Bigfoot investigation community is “should we just shoot one, and end the question once and for all?”  The next question will be is one enough?  Or even worse, how much for a Bigfoot carcass that can be stuffed and sold?

Jean Maurie did angel card work for this reading.  We were told we needed to make choices of the heart.  The King of Gabriel, told us to “keep your eyes on the big picture.”  The King of Michael told us “that wisdom and objectivity are important now”!

So the Tarot indicated that they are a real, sentient being that shares the planet with us.  There was nothing pointing to the paranormal about the photos, just people being extremely excited or scared when taking the photos.  The UFO connection leads the Reading Room to conclude that their abduction experience is the same as ours.  In, fact, aliens may be trying to figure out what the link between the two species is.

So, the Tarot was specific about us leaving Bigfoot alone.  Do you agree?   U-Predict…
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Where Science and the Psychic Meet

Major Research Institutes


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U-Predict, The Radio Tarot Experiment: Tesla’s Energy – from Electricity to the Pyramids (Air dates: June 3, 10, and 17)

After our first show on Tesla, I produced a blog about what Tarot had disclosed.

I had planned on one more show, based on Tesla’s belief that there was a cosmic energy force that he was about to tap into.  His laboratory in Colorado had produced and early solar cell; he had joined these cells together, and was producing electricity.  So that became the second question – had Tesla seen solar as the energy source, or was he truly looking deeply into the cosmos, and had figured out how to tap an unknown source or perhaps dark energy itself.    The reading Room included: Anita Perez, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, and ReeNee Cummins.  We had some great commentary from a regular listener – Supernatural Radio on the topic as well. 

Our discussion and questioning about Tesla’s source lead to so interesting psychic interpretation of the man himself.  Jean Maurie stated that he was an “old soul,” something the rest of the Reading Room readily agreed with.   Supernatural Radio commented “I think he knew much about other worldly energy.” Ivy Lieberman drew cards that were interpreted as “he was being guided by the Cosmos; the universe was pushing him with his work.”  We pulled the Moon in synchronicity again.  The Reading Room had agreed on the previous show that this pertained to Tesla’s psychic abilities, and that some of his ideas were other worldly.  This also caused problems as he grappled to bring other dimensional technologies into this one.

One card was a serious carry-over from the previous show.  The 9 of Swords came up again in synchronicity on this show – Tesla was deeply disappointed about how his vision turned out.  We had strong showings from the King of Swords and the King of Pentacles; Swords represents the military and it’s fascination with Tesla (something he abhorred) and Pentacles represents the capital and backers that Tesla drove away with his talk of “cosmic energy” and other more esoteric ideas he had.

We then went back to the idea that Tesla had experimented with solar energy.  We talked about that both it and wind energy, while not free, were far healthier for the planet.  We talked about advancements in solar and wind energy making possible for average home owners to use these devices to cut their energy bills drastically.  We asked if there would be an energy revolution using solar or wind.  The Tarot was insistent that old forms of energy would continue to be used; the official policy will be of a society familiar with what is shown to be good on TV adds.  This doesn’t mean that people (especially younger people) won’t move away from the old technology and onto new.  There will reach a point where savings outweigh nostalgia, and society moves forward.

The final card we pulled in synchronicity for this show was the World.  The Reading Room saw so many ways how this card affected this situation.  First, there is Tesla’s idea that we should share and promote equanimity among all the inhabitants of the planet.  This was one of the foremost ideas driving his ideas.  We all agreed that using basically free power sources (solar and wind) we would be helping the planet.  While it would never completely be free because of the cost of the machinery to capture and distribute the energy, we could and would save both the environment and money by not buying fossil energy to generate energy to run our lives.

While researching Tesla’s solar cell, I ran across the writings of someone who we had discussed on an earlier edition of U-Predict, Christopher Dunn.  Christopher Dunn is a fascinating individual.  He started out working in a machine shop learning to machine stone and metal, as he matured, he studied more and more on how to best do the machining.  His interest in machining lead to a fascination with archeology – especially sites that showed incredibly fine machining.  One if his main fascination was with the Pyramids of Egypt.  He wrote several articles about how Tesla’s ideas could be applied to the structure of the Pyramids in an attempt to prove that they were power plants.   While we had discussed the idea that Egypt had a public power supply, Tarot explained that our technology nowhere matched it; and that with our science we couldn’t understand it.  However, here was an interesting angle to investigate.  Had Dunn discovered the corollary between the two power systems?  This was the question for the third show.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Mary Nale, Koneta Bailey, Camille Kea, Patti Phare Camp, and ReeNee Cummins.  We were joined by new reader Pfishgirl and WalkWithSpirit who has read with us before.  As had been mentioned in the previous show, we had done a reading about the Egyptian power source, and Tesla’s name had come up as part of the discussion. 

We also got more psychic impressions about Tesla himself.  Mary Nale said she saw someone who got his ideas in dreams.  During the first show, we had introduced the idea that Tesla saw his dream inventions clearly enough to build them without plans.  Many impressions of Tesla echoed the 9 of Swords which had been synchronistic in both previous shows.  Patti Phare Camp intuited that “Tesla was struggling with the technology; I think he abandoned it because he came to understand the technology was flawed.” Mary Nale added that “I feel like none of the information was what he thought it would be.”  This also was an echo from the previous show where we discussed the difficulties of reproducing an energy source he saw in the Cosmos back here on earth. One had to wonder if he had misinterpreted what he was receiving as something more mysterious when it was simply sunlight.  Koneta Bailey claimed she “heard” that from the cards she pulled several times.   Both Patti and Jean Maurie also talked about that Tesla being so far advanced as to have a hard time communicating his ideas to other human beings (this fact is historically proven by the number of investors he lost when he began to give them a complete picture of what he was trying to do with “cosmic energy”). Instead of the 9 of Swords, we pulled the 3 of Swords – this speaks more of personal heartbreak.

Mary also saw a young man about 8 or 9 who spoke no English who would carry on the work.  ReeNee announced that the Russians planned on completing some of Tesla’s work and would be building a tower like the one at Wardenclyffe (  ).

While the 9 of Swords did not carry to this show, the World card did.  One thing that immediately came to everyone’s mind was the fact that there are pyramids all over the planet.  Many rogue archaeologists are looking at these structures either from an energy standpoint or some kind of spiritual energy standpoint that allowed people to “sync up with the planet.”  The World card had been pulled in synchronicity when we talked about Egypt having electricity on the earlier show.  On the Egyptian energy show, the World card has prompted these musings “How would our world change if we had knowledge that there had been an advanced civilization all over the planet that was somehow destroyed?  Would this become a focus of the current civilization – finding out what happened?

The King of Pentacles again showed up in synchronicity, reminding all of the need of a financial backer.  However, both the Queen and King of Wands showed up in synchronicity.  Several readers wondered if this is the Clintons.  Hillary doesn't have to run for president to make this happen; they have The Clinton Foundation, which was created to tackle the world’s problems.  Bill and Melinda Gates also share control of the Gates Foundation.  So here are two power couples who would be very interested in any technology that helped all of mankind.  Both foundations are interested in new ideas and new ways to solve ancient problems.  This matches the spirit and energy behind the King and Queen of Wands.

We also pulled an interesting pair of Major Arcana for this show.  We, of course, got the High Priestess.  She was here to announce that we still lack some knowledge and foresight to either recreate the Egyptian Energy system or to complete Tesla’s vision of cosmic energy.  However, we also pulled the Magician – the individual with the skill to make it happen.  Mary saw a young boy as Tesla’s successor; or perhaps his reincarnation.  Is this the Magician?  Do the Russians have the brilliance to prove Tesla right?  And which philanthropic foundation headed by and man and woman give the support needed to bring the new technology to fruition?  U-Predict…
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

U-Predict, 9/17/2012 – the Disappointment of the Hierophant – The Readers tackle “Did Ancient Egypt have Electricity?”

There is archaeology, and then there is rogue archaeology.  Neither match the romantic idea of Dr. Indiana Jones – archaeology is slow and laborious.  Currently, the most published and televised data supports the ideas that have been around from the last century; the Egyptians were obsessed by the afterlife.  They preserved the bodies of the royalty.  They built massive pyramid-shaped tombs for these royals.  It’s in elementary text books – It was there in the 60’s when I was in elementary school, and it hasn’t changed.

Then there is rogue archaeology.  These are the “crazy like a fox” archaeologists who notice things like “gee they never found a body in the crypts in the pyramids”; and “it would have taken the Egyptians over 2000 years to build the pyramids – not the 20 as recorded in the text books.  Names like Graham Hancock and Carmen Boulter, PhD lead the field.  Regular science is outraged by their theories, and the support they are gathering.  So against this background U-Predict asking an interesting question “Did the ancient Egyptians have electricity?”  Psychics that participated in the Reading Room included:  IvyLieberman, Latifah Abdul'laah (Underland Tarot Musings), Jean Maurie Puhlman, Anita Perez, Elizabeth Dennan, Becky Graywolf (WindLady) ReeNee Cummins, and Dax Carlisle.

The first question was “Did the Egyptians build the pyramids?”  Most of the Reading Room felt that the pyramids were much older – that they were inherited or claimed by the civilization that we think of as the Egyptians. 
The second question was “Does archaeology give us a correct picture about the use of the pyramids?”  The readers indicated that science wanted to keep the whole thing tidy, and to continue down the same line of research, while ignoring things they couldn’t explain.  We had our first Project TAROT moment with The World card; one being upright, the other reversed.  This was Major Arcana proof of what we had been talking about.  One World showed us that we had a complete theory of the civilization; the other showed that there was a whole theory and research yet to be pursued.

The Reading Room turned its attention to the work of Nikola Tesla.  Because Tesla theorized other ways of generating/distributing electricity, many of the rogue archaeologists look to these theories to expand the possibilities that the Egyptian civilization was much more advanced than defined.  The Project TAROT moment came with the Tower card.  There was amusement, as Tesla’s theories utilized towers to distribute electricity.  However, a deeper meaning of the Tower card is a person who truly shakes things up.  Tesla’s theories definitely did that – and now they are being revisited to see if they are more efficient in energy transmission/distribution. 

The next two questions flowed together:  “Were the conditions right to generate electricity with the pyramids 10 – 15,000 years ago?” and “Were electric power tools used to cut monuments in Egypt?”  The Reading Room identified that there was a power source, but that it would not be understood by our level of science.  This would explain why few archaeologists would recognize the technology.  The Reading Room identified that the lasers were used to cut/shape the stones.  Jean Maurie identified the laser tools, and Dax immediately got confirmation with a yes/no spread (5 cards to the yes).  This is one area that the rogue archaeologists focus on – the fact that the stone work from ancient Egypt is so fine and accurate.

At this point Anita Perez called in and talked about some past life work she had done with a group of people.  She had talked about being in a chamber and using the resonance of the chamber and a crystal to amplify energy.  She said that the group of people weren’t sure that they had the proper technique.  ReeNee told the listeners that chambers exactly like those Anita described that had been discovered by Dr. Carmen Boulter.  These chambers had used resonance.  However their actual purpose remains a mystery.
The final two questions:  “Will hard evidence ever arise about advanced ancient civilizations?” and “Does science understand that it is hurting its authenticity with its current theories?”  are best answered by the Project TAROT moment cards for the entire show:  Five of Cups, The World, The Hierophant, and The Lovers.  The Five of Cups is about disappointment.  The rogue archaeologists are disappointed that their ideas are ignored.  Mainstream archaeology faces the disappointment of disappearing funding for expeditions, no support from Middle-Eastern governments to do research, and the destruction of potential sites by desert nomads.  Overall disappointment from a collective consciousness standpoint is that we want to know.  People are interested and are getting more interested in the unexplained artifacts in the world. 

This now refers to The World card.  How would our world change if we had knowledge that there had been an advanced civilization all over the planet that was somehow destroyed?  Would this become a focus of the current civilization – finding out what happened?  Or would most people want not to be bothered with ancient problems or disasters.  The Hierophant represents traditional science.  Science is already dealing with the rejection of evolution by fundamentalist religions; what would be the result if long established facts were overturned in another discipline?

The final card is The Lovers.  This card may appear surprising, but in actuality it makes a lot of sense.  There is a lot of romance about archaeology and ancient cultures.  There also is a lot of romance about a lost civilization and what we could learn from such a discovery.  The Lovers is also a card of choice – which is our true love?  Do we want the next generation of scientists to stick to tradition or are we willing to have them dig deeper and perhaps overturn long cherished beliefs?   U-Predict…