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U-Predict Blog – Where Have the Sheeple Come From? (Air Date: 01/21/2014)

According to the Urban Dictionary:   Sheeple are “people unable to think for themselves… those with no cognitive abilities of their own.”  Since we are talking about conspiracy theories and the cornerstones of these theories, sheeple describe the people who are completely convinced that these conspiracies are absolutely true.  There is no curiosity in these people – and they encourage the development and spread of this misinformation, at considerable fame and wealth to those who concoct them.
The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins.  We had some very interesting and compelling commentary on this topic by a new visitor, DocVaj. 

We started out comparing conspiracy-following sheeple to people who join a cult.  There are some similarities – people can willingly become sheeple when their lives are in disarray, and they can blame their problems on the “true cause” as pointed out by conspiracy theorists.  The Tarot told us that neither mental problems nor excellent mental health would prevent people for falling for a conspiracy.   Because the conspiracies usually trigger fear or anger, we ask the cards if people who loved negative entertainment (violent or extremely scary) would more likely fall for conspiracies.  DocVaj asked “Is there a known common denominator within groups that love, love, love to be scared?”  The cards pointed to a “yes” answer.  Ivy Lieberman’s cards came back with “the point of the conspiracies IS to add fear.”  DocVaj keyed off the Tarot answer and said “One of the common denominators is that they don't feel in charge of their lives and being scared removes them from their issues.”  Anita Perez supported that idea: “it's to keep people afraid of each other - misdirection or a diversionary tactic.” Jean Maurie Puhlman added “people have anger within that they use the scary stuff to merge.”  So Tarot interprets that sheeple feel they have no control, and channel their fear and anger through the supporting of these conspiracy theories!

We asked if people that write or produce personal videos were only about the potential money that could be made.  The answer we got that was “no”; many of these people do suffer from self-absorption or obsession with their topic.  They must be right at any cost.  There is no influencing them with facts.  DocVaj summed this up brilliantly:  They regurgitate what's already in their minds without introducing and processing new higher insights and data streams. Ivy also added that “perhaps they believe something will be revealed that will lend to a revolution...and fame.”   The cards were not as sympathetic towards network shows and networks themselves that breed conspiracy.  The cards that appeared the most were pentacles – yup, all about the money.

If we look at the cards in synchronicity, we have very interesting patterns and a lot of synchronistic cards.  First we’ll look at the Sword suit.  The last two shows we have pulled every Sword in the deck.  This week, there was one card missing, the 4 of Swords – recuperation.  At first I felt that we were told that it was the missing element; on a second review, I realized that it was the actual element needed.  Because we didn’t pull it, it means that it’s out there as a possibility for sheeple to wake up.  Our sanity check for this show, DocVaj commented “After 25+ years working with the energetic level, the molecular level where life is created and dis-created ... I've learned that deep and burning desire is the key catalyst to inspire people to want to know personal truth.   This, for me is a perfect description of recuperation from this cultural malady.    Ivy’s cards added “the truth is knowing our path; introspection is important for compassionate living, love the earth mother.” Doc added “The truth is ... EACH OF HAS ... has all the answers for the answer is at the center of every perceived problem.  Those who teach people how to turn within are authentic.” 

The ladies of the Major Arcana start out this list of synchronistic cards.  The Empress outshines the High Priestess.  The Empress with her soothing, nurturing ways gives us an idea of how we should deal with this issue – take care of yourself.  First, look at how much time a day you spend delving into the idea that the world is a terrible place and something or someone is out to get you.  Dial that way back.  Unplug, go outside.  Read an uplifting book.  The High Priestess reminds us that while we can delve into the mysteries of why people behave the way they do, sometimes it is just beyond our understanding.  We also got the Fool in synchronicity.  No one knows what the future will bring, but there are a lot of people world-wide who are spiritually driven to make it a better place.  Trust that argument to win.  Step out and help make it happen.  We also pulled the Queen of Wands in synchronicity.  Both Camille Kea and Ivy Lieberman talked about the idea of the feminine, and listening to your inner warning system before jumping to belief about something.  This queen, more than the others, is all about this.  This queen tells us to be pragmatic and balanced and very down-to-earth.

We also got both the Chariot and the Wheel of Fortune.  Life is full of ups and downs.  We all ride the Wheel.  However, we do make decisions every day about how we live that can lead us into problems down the road.  We can “tip” over our Chariot by binging in negativity – which usually leads to other kinds of binging.  And with that dynamic in mind, we pulled the Temperance/Art card.  Live life artfully, in balance, focused on the good things in life is the archetype of this card.  Open your mind like DocVaj said.  See what happens when you focus on beauty, love and truth.  The Ace of Cups was pulled in synchronicity as well.  This card talks of a new love blossoming.  Focusing on beauty, love, and truth will only hasten that blossoming.

The pentacles were equally as interesting this read.  We pulled every pentacle but the five.  Everyone agrees that this makes money.  The concept is everyone making money off of Sheeple want to make more money off of sheeple.  The Ace of Pentacles says that there will be new ways to make money off of sheeple – and that is truly sad.  The 6 of Pentacles was drawn in synchronisity, which can mean charity.  Again, many of the personalities who push private web sites, blogs and films truly feel they are trying to help people learn the truth.  However, we pull the card just as many times in reverse.  Again to quote Doc, the people who lead to “the answers are within” are the only genuine leaders in any movement.  Finally, we got the 9 of Pentacles.  That’s the answer – everyone wants to be comfortable and feel safe.  However, if you focus on negative, frightening, or anger-producing media the Universe is a marvelous mirror to show you right back what you are focusing on.  

One final point of interest for our readers and listeners – within 24 hours of our broadcast, the magazine Mentalfloss  (  ) came out with this marvelous article about 5 mental disorders that are caused by media.  After our study of sheeple, it is worth a read.
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U-Predict Blog – Conspiracy Cornerstones II – Despise/Distrust Science (Air Date 01/14/2013)

Looking for patterns in Tarot readings has turned out to be more instructive than I could have ever imagined.  Not only do we have synchronistic cards in each show, we have cards that span shows on a given concept or topic.  Now the Tarot has decided to repeat an entire suit of cards being pulled.  Both last week (the first conspiracy show about population control) and this week (about despising or distrusting science), we pulled every Sword in the deck!   I want to repeat a sentence or two from the last show:  “This is the suit that deals with mental processes.  It deals with looking for ways forward, for thinking your way out of a situation; it also represents the idea of “as you sew , so shall ye reap.”  Karma will expose those members of society who do not have the common good as the basis for their actions (it’s hard to be a conspirator when butt-ugly karma slaps you on the Internet for the entire world to see). “  I also think that we are now being ask to look at what we are contributing to the collective consciousness – are our thoughts bringing into reality a paranoid landscape to match the paranoia in so many minds.  Will the insistence on brandishing a weapon bring someone to the point of fighting for their life?  Something new to think about…

The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Patti Phare-Camp, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins. 

We started with statistics presented by Public Policy Polling (PPP) which stated:

37% Americans believe that global warming is a hoax

28% believe a secret elite power with a globalist agenda is conspiring to rule the world

33% believe in the rapture

25% believe in the Biblical story of creation

Because so many of these statistics dealt with religious affiliation, evolution was the first topic we discussed.  We asked a 3-part question about scientific evolution (is survival of the fittest the best concept), Biblical accuracy (is the account the absolute truth), and intelligent design (is that a better concept).  As usual, when we ask the Universe how it did something, it replies with The High Priestess in synchronicity.  We have found in the past, this signals the Universe telling us that part of the concept is beyond our understanding.  The positives we got were that some parts of all three ideas are right, but we don’t have the entirety figured out.  Patti Phare-Camp introduced the idea of the Yin and the Yang as something this is usually missing from this discussion.  Jean Maurie Puhlman reminded us that Jesus spoke in “layers”. 
Since we are talking about both left and right-wing conspiracies involving science, we asked if belief in either set of conspiracies would affect someone’s decision on how to vote.  The answer was that an overwhelming belief in conspiracies could cloud vision, and encourage government to move in ways that kept civilizations stuck in warn-out patterns.  The cards insisted that we look at ideals that move us forward in a harmonious way.  Ivy Lieberman stated that “the new age way of thinking can spark revelation in government...grass-root movements, and enlightenment. Bringing things down and building things up.”  This fit with the Yin-Yang concept that had been discussed earlier in the show.

We moved on to super-weapons, and the idea that the US had developed something that could control the weather.  When we asked the cards about this concept, we got some tantalizing cards.  In several readings the first card was Death, The Tower, or the 10 of Swords.  Because these cards were in the first position, it was interpreted that this was showing our past.  Yes, we did take technology and kill thousands with it.  However, we also must consider that jet airplanes, the Internet, and space travel started out as weapons projects.  We can’t take things at face value – far too many people on both sides of the conspiracy market are making money off us.  The bigger the lies, the more we seem willing to spend either time and or money to understand their theories or points-of-view.  We have to understand our sources and the agendas they may have with sharing conspiracy news with us. 

The synchronistic cards pulled supported the ideas discussed in the blog.  First, we did have The High Priestess when we were asking questions about how the universe created life.  Again, we get the Cosmic Lady when we ask cosmic questions.  We just aren’t ready for the complete picture.  The second synchronistic Major Arcana card was The Lovers.  What choices are we going to make?  Are we just going to believe what people tell us, or are we going to research, think, and then help to bring about the best for society?

As far as synchronistic pentacles, we drew the 7 of Pentacles and the Knight of Pentacles.  What an interesting balance of cards!  On one hand, the 7 of Pentacles is all about waiting, about having patience.  Are we supposed to just stand around waiting for a handful of people who want to move backward prevent any action taken?  The Knight of Pentacles is all about entrepreneurs.  If we move forward, what new industries will be created?  What medical benefits can save lives? 

The only Cup in synchronicity was the King of Cups.  There is still the dynamic of wanting to take care of others; we want the way forward to do the best for everyone.  The Ace of Swords was also in synchronicity.  The distrusting or despising science could become very damaging if it becomes a way of life in the United States.  Again, we have to ask who is telling us and why are they telling us.  Is the building on fire, or are the selling fire extinguishers and have a can of smoke-smelling stuff they sprayed to make a profit?  The final synchronistic card was the 6 of Wands.  If we look carefully at this topic, we can make the right decisions and there will be a social victory.  Will this happen?  U-Predict…
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U-Predict - Conspiracy Theory I: Population Control – Air Date 01/07/2014

I am always open for topics to explore on U-Predict.  It keeps me on my toes researching tantalizing bits of information that have some credibility to discuss every week.  One request I get frequently is to look into one form of conspiracy theory or another.  We did address some conspiracy theories way back at the beginning of the experiment in an early U-Predict show (August, 2012).  I thought it would be interesting to revisit the ideas and see if we could dig deeper into the topic.   To assure a more complete picture, I made a study of all the conspiracies that are currently topics of interest (both Right Wing and Left Wing), and found that they could be broken in to 4 main concepts or cornerstones:  (1) population control – population number or movement, (2) a fear or distrust of science, (3) mind control, and (4) the promise of a dismal future. 
For our first of the four shows we discussed population control; both the idea that someone was systematically killing off members of society, or controlling our movement to the point of incarcerating people.  The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. 

The card patterns for this show are interesting.  We have never pulled so many different Major Arcana for any topic, many in synchronicity.  When a large number of Major Arcana are pulled, it usually signifies that the topic is one of importance; so we had to determine – was the idea of a conspiracy important, or was our ever expanding population the concern.  Luckily, the answer was apparent in the first few pulls.  The most prevalent Major was the Judgment card.  This is probably the most pulled card for any show when we ask about current events.  We are being told to wake up.  The readings around this card indicated that we have chosen to blindfold ourselves about the population problem; there are good solutions that do not involve the destruction of life or lives.  Both Anita Perez and Ivy Lieberman had this reading for the cards they pulled. We choose to infest our minds with these ideas that someone else will either fix it (via destruction that we will proclaim as horrible), or that our future will become unbearable.  Neither needs to be the case.  We got both The Emperor and The Empress as synchronicities.  We have the facts and figures at hand to gain the knowledge to rule our resources wisely, as a wise Emperor.  We have the nurturing capacity to decide to take care of all (just like The Empress), and quit wasting our money on weapons and invest in people – we just choose to do otherwise. 

It was too tempting to ask if patriarchal societies had contributed to a population problem.  The Tarot chose not to answer about the past.  Instead it talked about younger men (knights and pages) taking their place in a society where these ideas would be considered silly and old-fashioned.  The Queen of Swords was in synchronicity with this question.  She stands for a woman who stands for herself and her sisters.  The Tarot told all of us that it is time to take a stand – we must always remember that “women hold up half of the sky.” 
Another fascinating pattern was that we pulled the entire suit of Swords – every card.  This is the suit that deals with mental processes.  It deals with looking for ways forward, for thinking your way out of a situation; it also represents the idea of “as you sew , so shall ye reap.”  Karma will expose those members of society who do not have the common good as the basis for their actions (hard to be a conspirator when butt-ugly karma slaps you on the Internet for the entire world to see).  Look at how much we know about billionaires around the word and their political leanings.  Look at what we have learned about how rich corporate officers treat their employees.  We are seeing this reaping as a part of the nightly news.  Do we want to continue to support such vicious people?  Turning you back on many of these people is as easy a choosing to shop in another store, or buying another brand of toilet tissue. How about the people making money off the whole conspiracy business?  If you don’t buy their books, visit their YouTube videos, and change the TV channel, will the conspiracies go away?   If you are reading this blog, you have access to the Internet.  You can write letters to companies, to government officials, even celebrities telling them that you are no longer supporting or buying what they are selling.  When enough people do these things we can make a difference; it is also a better use of energy than worrying about which neighbor is part of which cabal who is planning on killing you. 

Other Minor Arcana cards that we pulled were the Eight of Cups – time to move on and quit dwelling on these notions, and the 6 of Pentacles – plenty for all if we will share.  The final card pulled in synchronicity was the Sun.  Again, this is a card that predicts happiness and a good outcome. 

So what did the cards tells us about this part of conspiracy.  Is anyone going to kill off the human race or control our movements?  The Tarot didn’t even acknowledge this idea; it told us we were too smart and had other solutions that could fix the situation.  The swords pulled told us to think our way out.  Obsessing about miserable, horrible things is not thinking our way out.  Tarot did tell us it was time to speak up and out.  If we hit some of the most evil in the pocket books, they are guaranteed to go away (that includes members of government).  Joanne Matthew summed up the reading nicely about this conspiracy:  “it's not a plan, its ignorance and intolerance, along with it--quick decisions without thinking through.”  Does that apply to how people see this particular conspiracy?  U-Predict…

U-Predict: Conspiracies in America (Original Airing: August, 2012)

When one seriously studies Tarot, one becomes aware of the power of human focus and the synergy when people focus on a topic.  Here in the US, we have faced 5 years of utter frustration as the branches of our Government have failed to meet the needs of we, the people.  First, it was Bush’s fault, then the Democratic Congress.  Next, was President Obama’s turn, and for 3 years the blame game shifted to his court.  Now, it has shifted on to the Tea Party/Republican Congress.  But what about the human conscious behind the impass?  You would think that as a nation we would want to pull together and get past the rough days.  That was the idea behind the U-Predict Show on July 16 - what could the tarot tell us about the collective consciousness behind the Right Wing political activities, and the conspiracies that supported their beliefs.

Considering what happened and how it happened, I am left with one overriding thought; this is very important and very serious - we all have to get involved in the discussion.  Why do I feel this way, it’s because of the Tower card.  Not only that it made a major appearance in the readings done on U-Predict, but that it preceded the show on The Angels Monday Show, and was a major topic of conversation for the last 20 minutes! 

And so with a synchronistic moment already in progress, we began U-Predict.   First, I have never seen so many reversals on any other radio show I have done.  There was a discussion of reversals - most readers saw it as the querent (person or situation being read for) being stuck, stubborn, or fixated on the dynamic at hand.

For once, we do have some evidence that this is the situation.  In the Miami Herald on February 2nd of this year, Sen. Jim DeMint DeMint urged his party’s presidential candidates and their supporters to make no compromises with Obama and congressional Democrats.   And then there was the now famous quote  "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."  Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), said in an interview with the National Journal. Without much research, I could quote an entire page of such comments.  So there is evidence that the reversals describe a group that has such a mental dynamic - completely fixated on their agenda. 

Back to the Tower.  Some consider this the most unfortunate card in the deck.  The activity is swift, fast, and totally changes everything.  Cheryl Lynn Bradley, of TarotCanada discussed the idea that the entire Tower was built on on instability.  But what is unstable?  The Constitution?   The idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  Again, the online readers produced face cards - many of them reversed.  People stubbornly clinging to their beliefs, this is causing the instability.  No society can move forward and try new things when a large number of people who are responsible for the legislation for an entire nation are fixated on one set of ideas. 

What are these ideas? There are two core theories that drive the Right Wing - the idea of the government becoming large enough to force people with certain beliefs into internment camps, and that the first step in rounding up citizens is the confiscation of all fire arms - Second Amendment rights. 

I asked the readers if they saw a possibility of people being rounded up and placed in camps - the significant cards that were repeated were the Hierophant and Justice.  Now the Hierophant is problematic in answering this question.  The Hierophant represents tradition, or a large life-controlling institution like a government or a large religion, and would support the concern.  However Jean Maurie Puhlman pulled Justice.  In fact, the Justice card was pulled several times.  Justice can mean a legal situation; it can also represent the idea of cosmic justice, what happens is for the greater good.  One has to wonder if the two cards together foretell that the closed-mindedness may lead to behavior that leads to incarceration instead in a stint in an internment camps.  Dax Carlisle mentioned that on AM Coast to Coast, that guests HAD talked about the creation of internment camps.  There was a discussion that these could have been created in the wake of 9/11, as a part of Homeland Security.

The readers turned to the question of how do we handle this whole situation.  What do we say to people who insist that their ideas are the only way forward?  The cards continued with interesting advice.  The main suite pulled at this time was Wands - new thinking, new ways forward.  Ivy Lieberman pulled four Wands in a row, and stated that people with their head in the sand was not the way forward.  Cheryl pulled the 7 and the 9 of Wands.  The Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords appeared at this time.  Knights can be explosive energy.  It can also be a call to action.  Combined with the 7 and the 9, the answer is to start correcting opinions; if someone is saying something that is a provable lie - call them on it.  If someone points out that the President is totally at fault, ask them about our do-nothing Congress, and how their attitude is helping hungry children in America.

The Nine of Wands is an interesting card.  It appeared when we did the first U-Predict experiment the night of the Wisconsin Recall election.  It speaks to us to fight for truth, to fight for what is right - not right now.

The one question that I will leave readers with is if it is a Universal Law that where attention goes, energy flows, what’s going on here?  The national voice seems to be shrill and full of discord.  Is this energy moving the country in the right direction?  Go back to the first of the blog and read about the Tower reversed, and then U-Predict.
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U-Predict - The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (Original air date 02/26/2013)

Some of my listeners/readers probably think I have explained way too often the purpose of the study of synchronicities in Project Tarot.  However, sometimes something so over-the-top and unexpected happens that one has to ponder the implications of what we are doing and how this all fits together, yet again. 

So we began last Tuesday’s show.  The contributing Reading Room consisted of: Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Sherry Retell Amature, Ramona0214, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Dax Carlisle, and ReeNee Cummins.    

Before any cards were turned Dax Carlisle and ReeNee Cummins talked about seeing movies that dealt with crystal skulls in the days before the show.  At this point, that would have been considered an amusing coincidence, but it continued on.  The next coincidence was in choosing a deck to read with.  Jean Marie Puhlman has been using the Voyager deck since the beginning of the show. Dax Carlisle recently received a baby Voyager deck as a gift from James Wanless and decided to use the deck for the show.  By coincidence, ReeNee Cummins had used the Voyager deck to pick the cards for the show after she had determined the questions.  Again, these appear to be interesting coincidences - later in the blog, it will move to the category of a synchronicity.

We began the show by asking about the true origins of the Crystal skulls. We asked if they were Mesoamerican-meaning that they came either from southern Mexico, or the countries we now call Central America.  The initial reading was hazy; and in the end Ramona did a yes/no question that came back with a “no” answer. The reading room discussed what was known about the skulls. Anita Perez reminded us that even with modern tools we would have a hard time carving the crystal in the manner that it was carved.  ReeNee discussed the idea that German jewelry makers in the late 1700s and 1800s claimed to have the skills to have made such items. In fact, an art dealer and historian who examined the skulls in the British Museum claimed that this was their source. That led us to the second question; could the skulls have been used by secret societies and not from an earlier date. The cards gave us a resounding no.  The interpretations of the cards in the reading room also claimed that the skulls had a much more significant role in man’s spiritual development.

We next asked if it was the size of the crystals that made them so powerful in returning information. We also inferred that any crystal of this size could be used for powerful scrying.   Anita spoke about her experience with scrying with crystal balls and that the size of the ball didn’t matter as much as the ability of the reader. The cards also dismissed this theory.  We then ask if the skulls had picked people to work with them. This time the answer we got was the affirmative.  When asked if anyone could have the ability to work with the skulls, we were told no. Ivy Lieberman also added that the cards indicated that few people were that spiritually developed.

It was quickly becoming obvious that instead of a New Age fad that we were dealing with something much more important. We moved on to ask about the legend of there being 13 skulls that were to be brought together for a major spiritual teaching for mankind. The cards were insistent about not dismissing this legend but also stated that it would be hard to bring all of the skulls together because of both the greediness and ignorance of many, many people.  If people currently own a skull in secret, they may want a huge monetary reward or maybe using the information for their own benefit. In fact, one of the most synchronistic cards of this entire reading was the king of pentacles (there were six draws of this particular card).   This is the card of the businessman; a person with the Midas touch. This also explains why those who own the skulls use them as a means of making money.  The skulls apparently do not mind; those that are used for channeling do produce useful information for those who pay for the service.

It was while we were discussing the idea of using an ancient sacred tool to make a day to day living that the most amazing synchronicity began to happen. In the Voyager deck, the card Temperance has been replaced with the card called Art. This card truly deals with being and making something creative. The card talks about “taking old forms and recombining them into a new synthesis”. But if the main message of this card remains the idea of art. Dax was the first person to pull the art card in a while in the Reading Room. Reenee had pulled it earlier in preparation for the show; however the most synchronistic of all was the fact that Jean Maurie pulled it three times in a row while discussing the modern-day use of the skulls.  The synchronicity of the Art card points to the amazing workmanship that made the skulls.  No doubt this is part of the problem with the skulls – we are too lost in the argument as to when and how they were made and have lost our wonder with the art and the artists who made them. In addition to pulling the art card numerous times; Jean Maurie pulled the Compassion card as a companion to the Art card.   After discussing the synchronicity, Ramona who had been pulling yes/no spreads as a sanity check commented that many of her spreads had contained the Magician card, the magic that made it happen.   All in all, this adds up to the message that something or someone that cares about mankind deeply made these unbelievable skulls.

The major Arcana synchronistic cards for this reading also hold a deeper meaning. The most common major Arcana card that we pulled was the Lovers.  If one looks at the Lovers card from a classical standpoint one realizes one is asked to make a choice.  This apparently is something that the tarot wants us to ponder; are we going to be satisfied with a handful of people showing the crystal skulls and their ability for personal information, or are we going to ask that a concerted effort be made to bring the skulls together for the good of all of mankind. The other synchronicities of major Arcana included the Sun and the World card. A synchronicity on a much larger scale happens when we ask questions that deal with communication with extraterrestrials or ultraterrestials (crop circles or visitation) - we see the celestial symbols from the Major Arcana in synchronicity in the reading. So the cards themselves seem to be pointing to an otherworldly source for both the message and the skulls themselves.

So far on U-Predict I have yet to see a topic that was so layered and synchronicities. The amusing coincidence of some of us watching Crystal skull movies, followed by the decision to use a tarot deck with a card that’s addresses artistic abilities and craftsmanship as a Major Arcana, followed by some deep synchronicities with in the cards themselves and with cards in the past readings.  This has given me a lot to ponder about.

Anything else about these amazing skulls…U-Predict!