Tuesday, August 13, 2013

U-Predict blog – our junk DNA, the body’s Internet?

This was not an easy show to interpret because of the nuances in the cards pulled.  I write 10 to 14 questions per show to assure that we fill the hour. Usually, if I ask 11 questions, I get around 35 individual tarot readings from the reading room for those 11 questions. On this particular show I only asked eight questions but the reading room supplied over 55 individual readings! The cards just flowed. Because of the rapid responses from the tarot to the questions I do believe that this is a very significant topic

The Reading Room included Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Joanne Matthews, Ramona McKee, ReeNee Cummins, and Dax Carlisle.    New reader this week was TarotCharioteer, who told us his name was Victor.

Reenee started by reminding us that we only use 10% of our brains; science now has discovered that that ratio of used to unused or “junk” DNA is about the same.  Most of the scientific community has been ignoring this “junk” DNA.  However, German and Russian scientists have been studying it and have made some interesting discoveries.  Discoveries that would explain many psychic experiences that  seem to act to a telephone to other dimensions and the wisdom therein!  The most amazing discovery is that our DNA can cause magnetized wormholes!  These wormholes are tunnel connections between different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time (psychic information, communication with guides and angels, etc.). The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness.  With this mind boggling concept we began reading.

The first Major Arcana card that showed synchronicity was Judgment.  Many of this card’s dynamics give meaning to these concepts.  It is a “wake up” moment of proof and truth for those of us who know our esoteric experiences are real but face a doubting world.  It is a “wake up” moment for free thinkers who now can conceptualize that not all our thoughts come from whatever our brain really is.  For the scientific, it leaves them in the uncomfortable place of seeing the data, but not being sure what it means.  Judgment also talks about life never being the same.  Once one awakens and understands this information, what is received will be viewed with less skepticism.  It will be interesting to see how much further we as readers can develop these sources of information, now we see the proof of the mechanics behind the experience.

The Major Arcana card with the most synchronicities was the Sun card.  Of course the idea behind the sun card is that of a sunny day or of a cat sitting in the sunshine. All is good. The major Arcana telling us to wake up to this research and be overjoyed demonstrated the importance of these discoveries.

The third major Arcana card that was in synchronicity was the Emperor. What made it even more fascinating was the fact that the Empress made no appearances in the cards in 55 readings. This was the tarot’s way of demonstrating the quantum mechanics of the discovery. In both ancient oriental religions as well as in the Kabbalah the male force is the force of creation. The female force is seen as the generator of matter and our reality. Reality does not function without both; neither is more important than the other. What the cards are saying is that we are truly touching and interacting with the information side of the universe. It is up to us to make manifest (act as the female) to what the universe gives us as thought.

The next two sets of questions we ask were very off-the-wall. We ask that if wormholes of information that came from one dimension or part of the universe to another would that explain ghosts. The cards were extremely positive about this as an explanation.  Anita Perez told our listeners about a paranormal investigator named David Roundtree who is tracking and recording field of energy anomalies around people practicing the psychic sciences (giving readings, mediumship, etc.).David’s recording of these energy anomalies would match the whole concept of the tiny wormholes of information some is so intense or is repeated so often that the information wormhole become stabilized. We ask then if these more stabilized wormholes would account for residual hauntings– and we got another strong affirmative from the cards.
The meaning and interpretations of the synchronistic Minor Arcana are breathtaking.  We had thirteen 7’s and thirteen 8’s.  Seven is a masculine number having to do with the mystery of energy, the psychic, and the energy of the human body (the seven chakras).  We were told that we are receiving this energy dynamic by the Emperor in the Major Arcana.  Eight is a feminine number that is, of course, most identified with the material. Understanding that the Major Arcana deals with higher spiritual truths and the cosmic laws, having a complete set of male and female cards in the Minor Arcana emphasizes the point that we communicate with the creative universe via our DNA; in this dimension, however, it takes the yin and the yang, the male and the female to create our reality around us. Of course, with these synchronicities it was only natural to again see an abundance of Kings and Queens in the reading room. Because the king and queen are seen as royalty or individuals having power over us, the interpretation was that this was the love of both male and female deity reaching out to help us as we grow in awareness and consciousness. That was one thing that was stressed in the article, was that the higher the consciousness of the individual, the easier it was to interact with one’s own DNA gate to the universe and bring the information into manifestation. A comment that was made from the reading room was that there were a lot of seven of swords amongst the 7's. It was a reminder that the need to improve consciousness to activate this DNA would be an attractive target for charlatans that want to make money. The reading room agreed from personal experience that there was truly no shortcut to understanding oneself and to grow in consciousness. It is a goal worth having, but it is a goal that will take a lot of work.

The final topic that we touched upon was the idea that if there was a community filled with highly conscious people the DNA in all of the community members would join together and would have unlimited power to cure illness, to provide food and shelter, and to have unlimited energy. So our final question was is our society anywhere near a point where we can connect our DNA for a better tomorrow? The answer was predictable - regrettably, we are not there; but with the change in consciousness that started in 2012 we are steadily moving in that direction.

At this point we look back at some topics from previous U-Predicts, specifically at the work of Dr. Carmen Boulter, who sees the pyramids in Egypt and around the world as broadcasting towers that provided a form of energy that kept people healthy and happy.  While her work is controversial, it is covered in a documentary series called the pyramid code. Considering the subject of this U-Predict, it is well worth a watch.  

Will we get there in the near future? You predict…