Friday, September 7, 2012

U-Predict the Republican and Democratic Conventions

I am a political junkie. I started working for the Democratic Party when I was only 14 years old. I grew up in Northern Utah; in an area run by a fundamentalist religion. I know what it is like to have no rights because you are the wrong philosophy and gender. This activity is what got me started with my activism. Now add the psychic dynamic, that I could SEE THROUGH PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR because I have the gift of discernment, and quite frankly, it is amazing I survived my childhood at all.

The one thing this childhhood left me with is an absolute terror than any one group of people believe that they have all the answers for another group of people; I see those patterns appearing in our society right now. The first step is to deminish the "other" - the person unlike you. You deny them the right to think by accusing them of living corrupt or evil lives. You deny them the right to govern the outcome of situations; then accuse them of being a burden on others because of how they have been forced to live. This cycle is older than all of this current civilization - it is seen in the Middle East between the Shia and the Suni. You see it in China between the Communists and the Tibetians. You see it in our country if you look at casual Facebook posts.

The whole political climate was the driving force behind U-Predict. Yes, we do all the mysterious things going on around this planet; but we also ask about current events. It was agreed to long ago that we would read for both political party conventions. Not so much to see who would win, but from a consciousness standpoint. Who had the most to offer the Americans. There were 5 standard questions that were put out to both parties:

How does this party’s platform affect America?

Is this convention’s philosophy in touch with a majority of Americans?

Division is a problem in America – How is this convention going to affect this?

Will there be problems in the areas around the convention?

What will be the net effect of the convention on the American Culture?

And as usual, the Chatroom Reading Crew outdid themselves on the last two Mondays. First, before the gavel dropped we read for the Republicans. Readers included: Anita Perez, Deb Frueh, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Elizabeth Drennan, Patti Phare-Camp, ReeNee Cummins, and Dax Carlisle.

The first thing that is apparent about the reading done for the Republicans is the lack of Major Arcana cards in the entire reading. There were only 13 Majors for a reading that involved over 120 cards. When there are few majors in a reading, the reader will usually ask the client if they truly understand what is going on in their lives. There is usually a sad lack of understand or a major toxic ego involved when there are this small a percentage of Majors in a reading. The readers in the room talked about how there seemed to be a nostalgic element in the Republican Party that wanted to take America back to a simpler time. Many people of all ages remarked that this simpler age just did not exist for America as a whole. Many families struggled with perscription drug or alcahol addiction. Spousal or child beating was seen as normal, and for far too many, the possibility of sexual abuse was just a dark night away. The Reading Room wondered if the large percentage of Americans who are NOT conservative (60%) are willing to give up the strides or gains they have made in their lives to make their conservative brothers and sisters happy.

Second, the most populous card was the knights of all suites. Knights are a young, dynamic energy; but it is an uneven energy and can be taken to extremes. Again, why the "my way or the highway attitude"? Why are these people so angry? The economy was crashed in 2008 because of bad banking decisions. However the energy of the knight say that these extremes are the energy levels being exhibited towards the current situation with no reflection on what history actually is or what part they (the Republicans may have played in it).

The Reading Room talked about the war on women and that this junior high like energy would explain why the participants refused to understand that they were hurting more than helping. Again, it also explained a hypocracy towards attending shows in strip clubs in Tampa where tents had been put up to protect the identity of customers.

All in all, there seems to be a disconnect between what is perceived to be America by the folks organizing the convention, speaking, and running for office. The energy is unstable, but it is full speed ahead - we no what's best.

Second, on Monday the 3rd, we read for the Democrats. Readers included: Ivy Lieberman, Sharon Dunfee, Mary Brown (TarotDactly) Deb Frueh, Jean Maurie Puhlman, ReeNee Cummins, Jamie, and Dax Carlisle. This reading was totally different; but there seems to be a dovetailing between the two readings.

First, the Major Arcana cards reappeared with the Democratic reading. In fact, the Major's were heavy in this reading. Heavy Major Arcana cards mean that what is going on is very important on a spiritual level. It does not predict that this side will win, it says that they will accept the will of the people, and then fight on for the best conclusion.

The Project TAROT Moment Cards were mainly Major Arcana. The first, and most prominent was The Devil. I know, for conservatives that is enought to make them weep tears of joy; but that would only be for the ill-informed. The Devil deals with a hell of the client's own making. A mental construct that has no physical component in reality. Now who is making a living hell for this administration? Could it be the Republican's decision to make this administration a one term administration? Could their "junior high" attitude about society explain the bullying that has gone on in the media and between people? Could they have turned this President into their own Devil - only to have people discover that their reality is not the one shared by most of the country.

The second Project TAROT Moment card was the Death card, the card of transformation. The transformation can come easy or it can come with a lot of pain. The Reader's Room talked about the predicted transformation that is supposed to be going on World Wide. ReeNee asked if the behavior of some of our citizens that seems so distructive is our Shadow rising so we can see this Shadow and deal with it. The Readers said overwhelmingly that this is EXACTLY what is going on. We are seeing the nasty, the negative. It is our Shadow - and what we learn and how we learn it is up to each of us.

The adults came back into the room - we had a lot of queens and kings of all suites. The idea of introspection to do the right thing and then lead the people in the manner came out strong. But the inner work of the queens was just as important as the leadership of the king. The fact that there was both kings AND queens shows that while men and women are different, there is a need for both genders and the wisdom they bring to the table.

The final Project TAROT moments happened with The Justice card and The Fool. The Justice card was a welcome sight. Yes, Justice will be served, and things will be straightened out. However, the Justice card has it's sword in the air. It can cut the crap and move us forward, or it can slice and dice people who are on the wrong side of history. The last card - The Fool - back to a card of hope and change. Is that what America wants - U-Decide...