Sunday, September 15, 2013

U-Predict - All about Psychic Vampires - 09/10/2013

If you are at all a psychic/sensitive, you feel them the minute they enter the door – something is not off, their energy isn’t normal.  If you are in a professional setting, you try to put it behind you.  You greet the person, shake hands – and start to wish you were somewhere else.  This is where experience and study pays off.  You no longer fight the feeling; you start to ground, guard, and ward.  You’re dealing with a psychic vampire. 

Some of these people know exactly what they are doing; some have no idea.  Some practice vampirism to enhance their own strength; others believe that they are spiritually unable to maintain their own life force, and must feed on others.  There are two types – some are emotional vampires, they want to feel and absorb strong human emotion.  The second type wants to literally steal life-force energy from the people they are around.  Most psychics and sensitives run into this type quickly after deciding to do energy work (psychic readings, Reiki, holding spiritual rituals).  Because it is so unsettling, first-time experiencers are quick to turn toward the large community to ask what happened.  On the other hand, some psychics/sensitives claim the whole psychic vampire thing is just nonsense, or that if you flood them with love they will leave.   The term is also adopted by the fringe psychology community.  However, these vampires are out to suck the live out of your career; they are the disrupters, the complainers, the back-stabbers in the next cubicle; few of these descriptions match what they paranormal community considers a psychic vampire (usually, the term is used to sell books).  If you ask a mainstream psychologist, especially one who practices Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), you will be informed that what is happening is you are projecting the feelings on the other person, and once you stop, it will stop (it doesn’t).

So considering that I had been told that I was using silly, old-fashioned ideas about psychic vampires by some psychics/sensitives, and that no “real” psychologists want to discuss the topic, I thought it would be a very interesting topic for U-Predict.  I was right; we had one of the fullest Reading Rooms in the history of the show.  The readers included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. Eric Risinger of Paraencountersnetwork joined the Reading Room with a psychic vampire story of his own, Kea Hypnosis joined and added from the perspective of a hypnotherapist, and Oracle Treehouse gave us a sanity check with an oracle deck. 

First, the participants in the Reading Room all had experiences with psychic vampires – no one agreed that they were nonsense.  Ivy Lieberman had written documents for her coven on how to deal with one if they showed up to participate in a ritual or other activities.  Eric talked about meeting one at a paranormal event.  The vampire had sought him out later alone to try to feed.  He had frightened the person away by psychically yelling at him.  Reenee recounted a similar experience when she and Mary Nale were attending an event.  The psivamp had left after some psychic screaming. 

Several members of the Reading Room recommended crystal and stone wards to keep psivamps (as they like to be called) away.  Ivy Lieberman suggested opal, moonstone, and obsidian and the herb yarrow.

Anita Perez suggested hematite, black tourmaline, and dragon’s blood resin.  ReeNee suggested jet and amber as a necklace.  ReeNee also recommended a mudra of linking the index fingers and thumbs in a chain.  Even articles written by psivamps themselves claimed that the hand mudra would stop them. 

As far as the cards themselves, the reading was very deep and very powerful.  The High Priestess, The Hermit, and The Devil were the Major Arcana cards.  The High Priestess answered the question posed by ReeNee on the cause of psivamps – the reasons are hidden and not singular.  There could be past live lessons to be learned; this could be a learned skill that gives the practitioner (especially emotional vampires) a rush or high; it may be part of some kind of personal spiritual practice.  The Hermit speaks that this can cause a person to live a very solitary life.  Many people flee when they come in contact with any psivamp.   Some do not understand their effect on other people, and just retreat from close relationships.  Some decide that there must be a positive side to the condition, and use their energy sensing for the positive.  These psivamps give readings and doing paranormal research.  This is the other side of The Hermit – seeking the positive side of a situation.  Then there is the Devil.  Again, a card that has two meanings, one that the person feels trapped in a hell not of their making, or using and manipulating others for one’s own gain.  The Major Arcana matched the research done for the show.  Some psivamps know but dislike and feel helpless about their condition, others use it as a necessity, and a third group sucks energy for the enjoyment and control of others. 

Even the Minor Arcana reflected strong energy – the Kings of Wards and Swords.  With these two kings we have a good representative of the human energy system – the life force and brain activity.  What was most interesting was that the other Minor Arcana was that it was the 3 of Cups – but all draws were reversed.  Instead of the 3 being about gayety and happiness it is about stuck energy – again back to the concept people not wanting to be around these types of folks. 

Are you ready to deal with a psivamp?  U-Predict…