Tuesday, September 10, 2013

U-Predict blog – Is Enlightenment the Missing Link between Science and Religion – 09/03/2013

Cyber Delphi is based on social experimentation. Yes, we do interpret the tarot, looking for signs of synchronicity on a given topic, but it is people who interpret cards and share their interpretation and philosophy as the broadcast moves along. Because this involves social experimentation, we sometimes re-examine a topic to see if our answers either match or are close in nature.  This is required by the scientific community because people change their minds and their beliefs sometimes on a daily basis. By getting two similar readings on a similar topic, we strengthen the correlation that synchronicity exist and can be a tool used to improve society in the world. This show was similar to one done on whether or not religion helps or harmed man.  There were synchronicities between the two readings; however this reading which focused on enlightenment gave us a much stronger card set to work with.  Note:  While the word “enlightenment” was used in the title, the term consciousness was considered a broader understanding and was used for the questions on the broadbast.

The Reading Room for U-Predict included: Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins.

The underlying theme to the questions asked was that a utopian society would be built once our science and religion found common ground. Some of the questions that we posed asked if religion would completely disappear, if it would morph into a hybrid that included both philosophies, or would some continue to cling to the ancient ways. The answer we got was that we would continue to cling to not only our religions but to the books that supported them.  This also affected the answer to the question about world peace. The cards indicated that because people would continue to cling to the ancient, the blending of science and religion would not solve problems based on religious beliefs or interpretations.  In questions about money for scientific research or a space program, the tarot told us that those were economic issues and funding would not increase just because of an increase in consciousness.

Again, as with our last show, we pulled an unusually high number of Major Arcana cards.  Last show we pulled nine Major Arcana cards; this week, the number was seven. The tarot seems to be asking us to pay attention to our consciousness when undertaking scientific research, reading, or tasks. The tarot is also saying that if we approach scientific discoveries with an open mind and heart, we may be shown where these discoveries fit in with the grand plan of the Universe.  The Major Arcana cards that were pulled were The Magician, The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Lovers, Strength, Justice, and The Devil. To glimpse down this list and quickly review the meaning of these cards defines the struggle that most of humanity has between religion, science, and expanding their consciousness. Of course the Emperor, Strength, and Justice are cards that demonstrate a path of overcoming past wrongs and bringing justice and harmony to the world. With this particular show and topic The Lovers card can be read both ways; relating both to the idea of loving what is around you, as well as the idea of making good choices. The High Priestess speaks of the mysteries yet to be uncovered, as well as the mystery of how consciousness can be expanded for the average person. The final cards, The Magician and The Devil, speak that how we view the world is completely up to us. We can see the power that we hold as promised by the Magician, and work to bring beauty and truth to the world. We also can make the choice to keep our minds and beliefs prisoners of outmoded and outdated ideas. That is what The Devil card is about – making one’s own hell, and keeping one’s mind in that hell. This applies to both sides of the fence. Both religious and scientific extremist drag the argument down in their own way and neither side nor the side of consciousness makes any progress.

There were only three Minor Arcana cards that were pulled in synchronicity; the 5 of swords, the 7 of swords, and the 10 of cups.  Both the 5 and the 7 of swords are cards of turmoil, anger, and power seized but not won.  This showed a synchronicity with the Major Arcana cards, and the answers we got to our questions. People will continue to fight – both within the religious community, and the scientific community to prove that they are absolutely right.  This fight to be right was the overlying theme in the synchronicity of the previous broadcast about religion. We had pulled 15 number five cards of all suits.  That much five energy is all about fighting and arguing and not listening at all. Also, on that show we only pulled two Major Arcana cards.  A topic as important as religion is to many people should be represented by more Major Arcana cards pulled.  With that small of a number of majors being pulled, the Universe via the tarot is telling us that religion is not the answer and that there is something much bigger and more profound that we need to understand. Considering that this show was about consciousness affecting both science and religion and the Major Arcana cards pulled, the cards showed that the Universe is a lot more interested in the general expansion of consciousness amongst the human race.  As long as people are fighting, it will be hard to see any growth in consciousness. However, the 10 cups does offer hope in the long run; this is the card of abundance and happiness. This is the way to a happy, interesting future life – an open mind and an open heart with consciousness steadily increasing.  This is the way to have the best of all worlds. Are you ready? U-Predict…