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U-Predict Blog – Does Life/Consciousness Control the Universe instead of Physics? (Air dates: 02/11/2014 & 2/18/2014)

Blogger’s note:  Last week was crazy; no matter how hard I tried, I could find not even 15 or 20 minutes to sit and compose the blog for the 2/11 show.  I really wanted to.  We had received some very thought-provoking answers.  But between unexpected company and a screwed-up appointment here and there, it just didn’t happen.  Now I know why – I was doing two shows on the theory of one person, Dr. Robert Lanza, and that data wanted to be presented together.  The Tarot gave us a complete picture of the theory, and that’s how the Universe wanted it presented.  In addition, Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski had channeled information on their radio show, Empowerment for the Soul, that verified some of the information we got from Tarot.  Despite being an avid reader and student of Tarot, I am a skeptic – so I am always a little surprised when the Universe smacks me up- side the head…

Scientific theory can’t quite figure out what to do with consciousness.  Many hardcore scientists see our thinking as a bunch of chemical reactions that are hard-wired by natural selection that determines what we do under a given circumstance.   These chemical reactions can be broken down further and explained by mathematics and physical laws of the universe.  It does sound so neat and tidy.  However, many of the mathematical equations don’t give the complete answer or any answer at all (some appear to be unsolvable).  So humanity comes up with a series of competing theories.  This one involves vibrating strings that hold the universe together (people who study sound and vibrational healing like that one).  Or we can play with a bunch of dimensions wrapped inside or around each other (this gives credence to the idea of loved ones passing into another dimension when they die).  But that whole pesky consciousness question still lingers.

Along comes Dr. Robert Lanza.  First, he is a medical doctor, doing cutting edge stem-cell research.  He feels it is his mission to bring sight to the blind and allow the paralyzed to use their limbs again.  In addition to his medical work, he is also very interested in quantum mechanics – the math stuff I was describing in the previous paragraph.  However, he is turning the entire theory upside down.  He claims that it is consciousness that is the core of everything, and that this consciousness made us to be observers of the universe.  Because we observe things in different ways, people see life, and the answers to how things work in different ways.  To quote Dr. Lanza:

“The urgent and primary questions of the universe have been undertaken by those physicists who are trying to explain the origins of everything with grand unified theories. But as exciting and glamorous as these theories are, they are an evasion, if not a reversal, of the central mystery of knowledge: that the laws of the world were somehow created to produce the observer. And more important than this, that the observer in a significant sense creates reality and not the other way around. Recognition of this insight leads to a single theory that unifies our understanding of the world.”

That was the question that faced the Reading Room – Is this the most accurate definition of reality?  How does this affect the idea that we create our own reality?  The Reading Room for this broadcast included:  TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins.  DocVaj joined us again with some interesting insight on what the cards had to say. 

We started and ask if we were just observers?  Jean Maurie said “I thought we were here to create?”  I responded that this is what made his theory so interesting.  We are here to observe – but what we observe determines how we see life; so are we really creating our reality?  What was most interesting about this observation is that DocVaj commented that “frequencies change and you rise up to meet the new frequencies you're resonating with. “  This would tie together the ideas of observation and creation.  What we are creating is our ability to rise up and meet the new frequency. 

We ask three versions of the question – “are we observers; are we students; are we teachers?”  The answer simply came back “yes.”  Further interpretation of new cards stated that some people are just observers – life just happens to them and they feel pretty helpless.  Some people try to learn from what happens, and considering how events seem to be cyclical, it does help to interpret events and affect the outcome for the best.  Others see even deeper patterns, and they become teachers.   DocVaj answered a question that causes a lot of discussion on our community – why do some people understand, why do some people ignore, and why do some people condemn what we do.  Her answer was “Only those on your existing frequency can be affected by your experience.  That's how it works on this planet.”  Hence, the idea of some being observers, students and teachers.   Jean Maurie reminded us that Jesus spoke on several levels depending on his audience.

Per Dr. Lanza’s theory, we are just observers.  So we asked "was the idea of suspending belief in what we see the key to making miracles happen?” The idea being that observing is passive; where as co-creation is active involvement.  We got The High Priestess in return.  When she appears, she is telling us that what we are asking questions that the Universe feels were are not ready for, or couldn’t understand the answer.  She is also saying, “Why worry, there is a process – let go and enjoy your life.”

Keeping with the passive idea of suspending disbelief, we asked if this was the key to making miracles happen; instead of “actively believing” we suspend disbelief.  We went so far as to ask if this was the secret of the religious masters like Jesus.  The answer we got was that Jesus was here to teach us something more important than that.  He came to teach us to take care of and love one another.  Tarot also told us that this concept is more important than the idea of manifesting for ourselves.  (A very interesting side note: We got The Hanged-Man in synchronicity while we were talking about Jesus, so there is no doubt that the cards were giving us a very specific answer on this question).  Moving on to other synchronicities, we pulled both The Fool and the Magician.  These cards together overarch the meaning of the entire reading.  Realize you interact with the Universe (The Magician), but just trust the process (The Fool).  This was followed by the High Priestess, reminding us that the Universe intends to keep its secrets.  The final Major Arcana was Strength.  We do have the strength to be the observers and have interaction with the Universe.  We do have the strength to gain more and more knowledge; if we but use it wisely. 

Many Minor Arcana were chosen.  We pulled the Queen of Wands.  This queen is very pragmatic.  She talks about going back to the basics – enjoying life to the fullest, and trusting the process.  This Queen matches the message that we have gotten from the rest of the cards.  We also pulled the 9 of Wands.  This is the card of getting what you need, and being fair to all involved in your life.  Again, we need to think more about getting what we need instead of just manifesting and manifesting to see if it works (again). 
We pulled the Queen of Cups and the Knight of Cups.  The Queen is talking about the love that surrounds us and supports us; the knight talks about the uneven, adolescent view that most of us have about the love supporting us.  When we get what we want, we feel the love; when things aren’t going so well, we decide that we are not loved.  Again, the message from the Tarot is trust the process and always feel the love.
We pulled the 3 and 7 of Swords in synchronicity.   The 3 of Swords talked about the burden and heartache that many people would face if they really understood their place in the Universe.  Many are ready only to be observers.  There is nothing wrong, they are not lesser beings.  We can have compassion to help them through the rough spots.    The 7 of Swords is about taking the energy out of a situation by being cleaver, by doing something new.  This can go back to trusting the process.  Knowing that we can learn to observe what needs to be observed and learning to use that ability wisely. TarotDactyl (Mary Brown) pulled 3 cards that said it best “taking a leap of faith but still using what we know from the past and the world around us.”

Second U-Predict Show – This Quantum Theory Proves There is no Death – and that Reincarnation Happens

To begin the second half of the blog, I again quote Dr. Robert Lanza: 

“The results of quantum physics confirm that observations can’t be predicted absolutely. Instead, there’s a range of possible observations each with a different probability. One mainstream explanation, the “many-worlds” interpretation, states that there are an infinite number of universes (the “multiverse”). Everything that can possibly happen occurs in some universe. The old mechanical — “we’re just a bunch of atoms” — view of life loses its grip in these scenarios.

Biocentrism extends this idea, suggesting that life is a flowering and adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking. Although our individual bodies are destined to self-destruct, the “me” feeling is just energy operating in the brain. But this energy doesn’t go away at death. One of the surest principles of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed.”

Because he believes in multi-verses, and that our energy never dies, he feels that we just “start over” somewhere else.  That’s a pleasant idea; but it flies in the face of all the channeled material about reincarnation, the remembrances of small children, and many people who have had near-death experiences (including Patti Phare-Camp, who shared her amazing adventure in the reading room).

The Reading Room included some old friends and some new – but it was a large reading room.  It included:  TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Camille Kea, Patti Phare-Camp, Koneta Bailey, Joanne Matthew, Gary Carp and ReeNee Cummins. 

Since Dr. Lanza’s theories move space/time from a function of physics to a function of consciousness, does that mean we can move beyond time and space to a point where neither exist?  Patti Phare-Camp read “it’s a crutch and a burden we don’t understand”.  Joanne Matthew said we need to rethink this idea; Gary Karp read “we have the tools to move from the straight line we find ourselves trapped....fear is a probability.”  Fear of changing how we see reality from a metaphysical standpoint is common in all these readings.  We also see, as we did on the first show on Dr. Lanza’s theory, that many people are not ready or want to ponder such ideas. 

Patti Phare-Camp told us about her near death experience.  She said she remembers traveling through the void I asked where I was and was told I was nowhere, that this void was reality and all the "things" we think of (trees, tables, food, bodies) exist only because we all agree to believe in them.”  Having that experience gives credence to Dr. Lanza’s theory.  Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski had Elisa Medhus, MD, medium Jamie Butler and Erik Medhus on their show “Personal Empowerment for the Soul” on Thursday, February 20. Dr. Elisa Medhus is the author of the book My Son in the Afterlife.  Elisa's book chronicles the conversations she has had with her son through her own experiences, dreams and spirit communicators, including Jamie Butler.  Erik, speaking through Jamie Butler basically described the same environment; a state outside of time, space and the material world.  Erik told us this was our real home.

We moved on to talk about reincarnation.  Dr. Lanza believes that since time is not really linear, that we just start over in a different life.  He doesn’t go into the ideas of Karma and how behavior affects the next life time – which is the standard metaphysical idea.  In looking at the cards we pulled we pulled every Major Arcana card at least once.  Understanding how our behavior affects us is a very important topic to Tarot.  There were 7 Major Arcana cards pulled in synchronicity; with a large Reading Room one might say that is to be expected.  However, some of these cards were pulled 7 or 8 times.  They also gave us a good overview of how reincarnation works. 

We started with The Death card; of course, we’re talking about what happens to us after we die.  But the real message is that reincarnation is about transformation.  Transforming our soul, our consciousness to greater and greater awareness of the Universe and how it works.  We also had The Judgment card.  From a pure pictorial sense, the card shows a judgment day, with people coming out of their graves.  However, the interpretation is “wake up!  Change how you see things.”  So the traditional metaphysical concepts still apply.   

The cards gave a view of how the karmic implications of reincarnation work.  We drive our lives (The Chariot) we have choices to make (The Lovers) about how we are going to conduct our lives.  Sometimes we feel like The Hanged Man riding The Wheel of Fortune or heading for The Tower.  We overlook the fact that one aspect of The Hanged Man is that the experience gives us the opportunity to see the situation in a new way.  Again, this is one of the purposes of Karma.  Gary Karp also brought up the other idea behind The Lovers – that is the power of love itself.  Gary asked about people deciding to reincarnate to share a life time with a loved one or loved ones.  When asked if we can choose these opportunities; the Tarot answered with the High Priestess in synchronicity.  So again, Tarot decided to keep a secret, but didn’t discourage this idea. 

As far as the Minor Arcana, 7’s of all suites were pulled as well as Aces.  The 7 is the number of mystery, the number of the mystic.  The whole idea of reincarnation is very deep and very important.  The Aces remind us that reincarnation gives us the chance the start again, to consolidate and incorporate what we have learned into our consciousness no matter how you see the Universe structured.

The Tarot decided to remind us that people get in trouble when it comes to their attraction to material things (in fact, many theories claim it’s our attraction to the material that causes us to reincarnate.)  We pulled the 5 of Pentacles seven times – in fact; we began calling it the “5 of penitence”.   It was also followed by the 6 of Pentacles and the 10 of Pentacles.  Again Tarot is reminding us that we need to take care of everyone.  This is not about who came make, steal, or cheat their way to the top.  In the end, charity (6 of Pentacles) and plenty for all (the 10 of Pentacles) is what the Tarot is asking us to give.  This prompted Joanne Matthew to ask “could reincarnation come to an end?”  The cards gave us a positive answer.  If we learn about love and sharing as the law, we can end the “wheel of rebirth”.  Are we anywhere close to that?  U-Predict…


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