Thursday, February 6, 2014

U-Predict Blog – Cornerstone of Conspiracy IV: Doom and Gloom (Air date 01/28/2014)

According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, Researchers using meta-data found "clear and compelling evidence" that happiness paves the way to better health and longer life spans.”  The review of more than 160 studies found the evidence connecting an upbeat outlook to a healthier life was even stronger than that linking obesity to reduced longevity.   The New Age was all about positive thinking.  Focused, positive thinking is the cornerstone of Law of Attraction.  However, anyone who is seriously involved and absorbed by conspiracies is given a lethal dose of negative thinking.  “Give up, you can’t stop it.”   “Say nothing “they” are everywhere and want to harm you.”  “The man is a dictator.”  You will not like the country/world you will live in.”  All of these are common comments that are part of any media about conspiracies.  We asked Tarot what IS the purpose of this negativity.  We also asked if we should listen to the “whistleblowers” that make the videos and write the blogs.  The Tarot did not disappoint with thought-provoking information.
First, as with the other broadcasts in the series, we pulled every sword in the deck during the show.  This is suit of thought and the outcomes of thought.  Either taking one’s point to extreme or fighting against status quo thinking can lead to revolution.  This is a possible dynamic of this many swords.  This has been the dynamic of this entire series of readings on conspiracies of all stripes. There is an as you sow, so shall you reap; so we have to ask ourselves “What are we going to get back from the Universe for all our negativity?”
We asked what the purpose of all these conspiracies?  We got a one-word answer - fear.  Fear that leads to anger or that leads to hate; fear that leads to the negativity we see around us.  If we go back to the opening paragraph of the blog, we may even be shortening our lives by clinging to such notions.
Since this is an election year, we ask “What is the purpose of conspiracy talk during the upcoming election?”  Tarot told us that those who spread the conspiracy want us divided.   If we remain divided, those with the most fear will never have to face new ideas that a new, socially networked society will demand.  We pulled both the King of Swords and the Knight of Swords in synchronicity.  The king is a plain spoken ruler.  However this ruler can be very blunt to get his point across.  He is paired with the knight. Knights are all about an adolescent dynamic.  One minute calm and steady, the next wild and out of control. In fact, we pulled the Knight of Swords an amazing 11 times!  When we combine these cards we find personas spreading these conspiracies that appear to be in command and control, but actually there is an overabundance of emotion and irrationality when making their point.  In last week’s show about recruiting “sheeple” to a way of thinking, we were told that many conspiracy evangelists were egotists and narcissists who didn’t care what the results of their behavior brought about.  They will be right at any cost.
The other Spades we pulled in synchronicity were the 6 of Spades and the 8 of Spades.  A common interpretation of the 6 of Spades is that one will want to leave the situation rather than face the outcome.  Again, this is the message of conspiracies - you will not want to be around for the end.  The 8 of Swords is about being bound - bound by your own thoughts and emotions.  This was the definition of the “sheeple” we discussed last week.   So these Swords tell us what is expected; you are supposed to run and hide.  What happens if we all come together and stand up?  That is what the Tarot is asking us to do.
This message fits the archetypes behind the two Major Arcana cards that were pulled in synchronicity. First, we pulled the Tower; more interestingly, it was pulled as a reversed card as many time as it was pulled upright.  This shows us two sides of this card - either things are destroyed and all is lost, or people see the shaky foundation and do something to fix it or build something better.  The other Major Arcana card was Strength.  We have the Strength to see the crumbling foundation of these conspiracies and choose to build something better.
The only Pentacle that was pulled in synchronicity was the 3 of Pentacles.  This card can represent legal documents; this would include laws passed by governments.  Are we happy about the direction or lack of direction we see in government?  Are we will to come together and say “enough”?
The final card pulled in synchronicity was the 9 of Cups, the emotional wish card.  The Tarot is challenging to look at our emotions.  Look at what it would take to make people happy.  We also have to ask ourselves “why are so many in today’s society so desperately clinging to outmoded ideas centered on fear and destruction.  What do we need to do to show these folks the light of a better world?  U-Predict...