Monday, May 26, 2014

U-Predict – The Tarot Radio Experiment: The Arecibo Reply (Air date: 5/20/2014)

To celebrate the refurbishment of the Arecibo Radio Telescope, it broadcast a special signal into space on November 16, 1974. The transmission of 1’s and 0’s can be arranged into a diagram showing, among other things, a human stick figure, the solar system, the telescope itself and the DNA molecule. In August of 2001 a crop circle appeared close to the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, England. It was quickly named "The Arecibo reply", as it seemed to be exactly that; a reply to the Arecibo message, describing a different alien race.  Despite years of attempts of debunking, there is no firm evidence that it was a hoax.  

The Reading Room for this show included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Camille Kea, Ivy Lieberman, and ReeNee Cummins.

First, when we talk about space and the idea of extraterrestrial contact on U-Predict, the Tarot has a unique way of acknowledging that the subject is definitely galactic – we get The Sun, The Moon, The Star and The World pulled in synchronicity.  Such was the case with this broadcast.  Despite little public interest in this case, Tarot tells us to reconsider what we have received.  Many people point out that 80% of crop circles are hoaxed, but in the book, “On the Edge of Reality” by Colin Andrews, Mr. Andrews tracks down and talks to human circle makers.  Many, describe seeing the circle they are about to make in a vision or dream or while meditating.  Many feel that they are contacted by the authentic circle makers and are instructed to make the design.  This adds a very interesting dimension to the whole dynamic of circle making. Are these folks experiencers of the 5th kind – those who are contacted telepathically by extraterrestrials? 

The Tarot pointed out that The Hierophant would be “heartbroken” (3 of Swords in synchronicity) to find that there is a whole other dimension to life that we seriously need to consider. 

To make this case even more fascinating, about a year later, in a nearby field, another crop formation appeared.  It resembled what most would consider a “Grey” alien, and it held something that turned out to be a disk of binary code. Using the ASCII characters to translate the digits the message decoded was "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)". (Formatting per the decoded message).

After discussing the second message, we pulled both the 2 of Wands and 3 of Pentacles in synchronicity.  Together, this could indicate a message sent; a very important message that could be classed as a formal diplomatic document.   In the same line of thinking, we pulled the 4 and 5 of Cups in synchronicity.  The four is telling us that our way of seeing the world is dissatisfying and the five is saying that our view is down-right disappointing.  We are told to watch for deception.  Could this refer to how alien races have shaped humanity? How we have developed our fierce ways?  Could this be “mom and dad” telling us to “cut it out?” Oh, we also pulled the Queen of Cups at this time.  In the past, this has always been another signal that something out there loves us and wants to best for us.

Ivy Lieberman and TarotDactyl had interesting points on this second message.  Ivy wondered if this was a renegade trying to warn us.  TarotDactyl said “I don't think the Emperor wants us to have the magic - governments would try to keep us separated from alien help...”  This is a common belief among many people that this is exactly what is happening.  It would also explain why these incidents have gotten so little press and have been dismissed when brought up for discussion. 

Jean Maurie pulled angel cards for this reading.  The 6 of Raphael told us to “reach out and make new friends.”  The 5 of Gabriel tells us that we have a challenge to resolve, but to avoid drama in doing so.  And then we got “2 of Gabriel - make bold and ambitious choices!  Great progress is possible.  Important relationships with people who share your vision.  This is a good message.”  Doesn’t the angel message sound similar to the alien message?  U-Predict!