Friday, June 6, 2014

U-Predict: The Tarot Radio Experiment – Explain Ghosts (Air Date: 5/27/14)

I’ve lost count of the people I’ve met who claim they lived in a haunted house.  At a major aerospace plant in California, I dealt with a haunted building (employee hung himself at the end of the Apollo program). The Queen Mary in California and Ashley's restaurant, both on the national register of haunted places, are two of my favorite places.   But our pop-culture fascination with ghosts started with a pair of plumbers.  Most people laughed at the idea that Roto-Router guys could find ghosts.  I didn’t.  I’m a contractor’s kid. I know how old buildings can trick you - creaky woodwork, bad plumbing, and all sorts of things that could fool an occupant.  In fact, I thought it was pretty cool that these guys were willing to go up against public scrutiny.  I don’t know why it took us two years to decide to ask about ghosts and hauntings on U-Predict, but the results are interesting, with a lot of wisdom.

The Reading Room for this show included:  Anita Perez, Jean Maurie Puhlman, TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Camille Kea, Ivy Lieberman, and ReeNee Cummins.

We started with the basics.  Yes, ghosts are the electromagnetic signature of a deceased person.  However, Tarot was quick to tell us that there was a strong emotional component to a ghost.  In fact, as the reading unfolded, it became obvious that it is the emotional component that is the most important part of a “haunting.”    First, we had an abundance of Knights (Cups, Wands, and Pentacles).  Knights are an adolescent energy.  It is a sign of broad energy swings – usually on verge of being out-of-control.  We also drew the King of Swords -the warrior.  This synchronicity is interesting because of the number of hauntings that involve soldiers.  We also had the Ace of Swords and the Ace of Cups - both cards focused on big ideas and big emotion.   So there was the description of a classic haunting – a person who had been through a traumatic emotion experience or feels they have something to communicate.

The reading room discussed intelligent hauntings (where an entity interacts with the living), and residual hauntings (where something is imprinted on space/time but is replayed over and over).  We brought up the idea of a person being haunted; someone being bothered by a ghost even if they move several times.  The cards were quick to bring a warning.  A person must know how to protect themselves psychically before they become involved in any way with ghosts or ghost hunting.  We pulled the Empress several times when we were talking about this question.  This a card of love and protection; the definitive answer came when TarotDactyl announced that in the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck she was using, the Empress was the "Guardian Spirit." It was discussed that the ghost could be discouraged to stop the haunting, but that the person being haunted would have to have a great deal of emotional strength and courage to stop the event.  In fact that was another point the card made, the more people emotionally interact with an entity (especially with the jolt of energy released with fear) the stronger the entity can become.  The cards also stressed this when we asked if going on a ghost tour was completely harmless.  Again, the cards were quick to make sure you are dealing with professionals and then make sure that you are grounded and shielded before going on the tour.

The Reading Room also talked about the idea of “hauntings” being caused by many types of spiritual beings.  We talked about the fact that there was the elemental kingdom full of entities who liked to play tricks on mortals.  We talked about the idea of poltergeists, and that people may have psychokinetic abilities that are triggered by strong emotions, while they have no idea that they are the cause of the activity. 

We asked about “sending entities to the light.”  Is it permanent?   Is it necessary? The answer we got from the cards is that reality is more porous than most people realize.  We got the 6 of and 9 of Wands in synchronicity.  The six speaks to the societal aspect that ghosts are drawn to the living.  The 9 speaks about treating these souls fairly.  Some ghosts may know something is very wrong, but don’t know they are dead.  These souls are very happy to cross the veil, and will not return.  Jean Maurie pulled an Angel Tarot card on this topic and got the 5 of Gabriel “you needn’t go through your current challenges alone. Help is nearby! Negative thoughts create self-fulfilling prophesies."   Ivy Lieberman got “there will be a moment of thought then you will be directed to the proper place to go.  Perhaps hastened along.”   Others, however, are well aware of their situation; they are either drawn back because of the emotion or a few just seem to enjoy hanging (or messing) with the living.  The Tarot also talked about ghosts being drawn to the living who may have an addiction.  The emotion in participating in the addiction is the attraction.   The point the Tarot is trying to make is that you have to look at how your behavior is attracting the entity.  Ghost hunters should treat the entities with respect; no need to bait to get a response.  If a ghost chooses not to move on, the living need to decide how they are going to exist with the entity (if they can).

There were 3 Major Arcana cards in synchronicity - The Fool, The Empress, and The Lovers.  In a previous paragraph, we talked about The Empress as being protective beings as a part of shielding before engaging with entities.  The Fool speaks to the forgiving nature of the Universe.  Tarot said that some spirits had problems moving on because they felt unworthy to have an afterlife.  As society reports more on experiences with the afterlife, and the interest in Near Death Experiences grows, hopefully people will realize that they can move toward the light no matter how traumatic their lives have been.  With the Lovers, both archetypes apply.  There is the archetype of romantic love (again, the idea of strong emotion) and well as making the choice to go to the light. 

By far the most moving part of the show was when Camille Kea talked about seeing her grandmother’s spirit leaving her body when she died.  The Reading Room agreed that it was a profound experience.  The experiences of the Reading Room always add astonishing personal experiences to the topics we discuss.

So does this answer questions about ghosts?  U-Predict…