Monday, June 23, 2014

U-Predict, The Radio Tarot Experiment: Tesla’s Energy – from Electricity to the Pyramids (Air dates: June 3, 10, and 17)

After our first show on Tesla, I produced a blog about what Tarot had disclosed.

I had planned on one more show, based on Tesla’s belief that there was a cosmic energy force that he was about to tap into.  His laboratory in Colorado had produced and early solar cell; he had joined these cells together, and was producing electricity.  So that became the second question – had Tesla seen solar as the energy source, or was he truly looking deeply into the cosmos, and had figured out how to tap an unknown source or perhaps dark energy itself.    The reading Room included: Anita Perez, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, and ReeNee Cummins.  We had some great commentary from a regular listener – Supernatural Radio on the topic as well. 

Our discussion and questioning about Tesla’s source lead to so interesting psychic interpretation of the man himself.  Jean Maurie stated that he was an “old soul,” something the rest of the Reading Room readily agreed with.   Supernatural Radio commented “I think he knew much about other worldly energy.” Ivy Lieberman drew cards that were interpreted as “he was being guided by the Cosmos; the universe was pushing him with his work.”  We pulled the Moon in synchronicity again.  The Reading Room had agreed on the previous show that this pertained to Tesla’s psychic abilities, and that some of his ideas were other worldly.  This also caused problems as he grappled to bring other dimensional technologies into this one.

One card was a serious carry-over from the previous show.  The 9 of Swords came up again in synchronicity on this show – Tesla was deeply disappointed about how his vision turned out.  We had strong showings from the King of Swords and the King of Pentacles; Swords represents the military and it’s fascination with Tesla (something he abhorred) and Pentacles represents the capital and backers that Tesla drove away with his talk of “cosmic energy” and other more esoteric ideas he had.

We then went back to the idea that Tesla had experimented with solar energy.  We talked about that both it and wind energy, while not free, were far healthier for the planet.  We talked about advancements in solar and wind energy making possible for average home owners to use these devices to cut their energy bills drastically.  We asked if there would be an energy revolution using solar or wind.  The Tarot was insistent that old forms of energy would continue to be used; the official policy will be of a society familiar with what is shown to be good on TV adds.  This doesn’t mean that people (especially younger people) won’t move away from the old technology and onto new.  There will reach a point where savings outweigh nostalgia, and society moves forward.

The final card we pulled in synchronicity for this show was the World.  The Reading Room saw so many ways how this card affected this situation.  First, there is Tesla’s idea that we should share and promote equanimity among all the inhabitants of the planet.  This was one of the foremost ideas driving his ideas.  We all agreed that using basically free power sources (solar and wind) we would be helping the planet.  While it would never completely be free because of the cost of the machinery to capture and distribute the energy, we could and would save both the environment and money by not buying fossil energy to generate energy to run our lives.

While researching Tesla’s solar cell, I ran across the writings of someone who we had discussed on an earlier edition of U-Predict, Christopher Dunn.  Christopher Dunn is a fascinating individual.  He started out working in a machine shop learning to machine stone and metal, as he matured, he studied more and more on how to best do the machining.  His interest in machining lead to a fascination with archeology – especially sites that showed incredibly fine machining.  One if his main fascination was with the Pyramids of Egypt.  He wrote several articles about how Tesla’s ideas could be applied to the structure of the Pyramids in an attempt to prove that they were power plants.   While we had discussed the idea that Egypt had a public power supply, Tarot explained that our technology nowhere matched it; and that with our science we couldn’t understand it.  However, here was an interesting angle to investigate.  Had Dunn discovered the corollary between the two power systems?  This was the question for the third show.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Mary Nale, Koneta Bailey, Camille Kea, Patti Phare Camp, and ReeNee Cummins.  We were joined by new reader Pfishgirl and WalkWithSpirit who has read with us before.  As had been mentioned in the previous show, we had done a reading about the Egyptian power source, and Tesla’s name had come up as part of the discussion. 

We also got more psychic impressions about Tesla himself.  Mary Nale said she saw someone who got his ideas in dreams.  During the first show, we had introduced the idea that Tesla saw his dream inventions clearly enough to build them without plans.  Many impressions of Tesla echoed the 9 of Swords which had been synchronistic in both previous shows.  Patti Phare Camp intuited that “Tesla was struggling with the technology; I think he abandoned it because he came to understand the technology was flawed.” Mary Nale added that “I feel like none of the information was what he thought it would be.”  This also was an echo from the previous show where we discussed the difficulties of reproducing an energy source he saw in the Cosmos back here on earth. One had to wonder if he had misinterpreted what he was receiving as something more mysterious when it was simply sunlight.  Koneta Bailey claimed she “heard” that from the cards she pulled several times.   Both Patti and Jean Maurie also talked about that Tesla being so far advanced as to have a hard time communicating his ideas to other human beings (this fact is historically proven by the number of investors he lost when he began to give them a complete picture of what he was trying to do with “cosmic energy”). Instead of the 9 of Swords, we pulled the 3 of Swords – this speaks more of personal heartbreak.

Mary also saw a young man about 8 or 9 who spoke no English who would carry on the work.  ReeNee announced that the Russians planned on completing some of Tesla’s work and would be building a tower like the one at Wardenclyffe (  ).

While the 9 of Swords did not carry to this show, the World card did.  One thing that immediately came to everyone’s mind was the fact that there are pyramids all over the planet.  Many rogue archaeologists are looking at these structures either from an energy standpoint or some kind of spiritual energy standpoint that allowed people to “sync up with the planet.”  The World card had been pulled in synchronicity when we talked about Egypt having electricity on the earlier show.  On the Egyptian energy show, the World card has prompted these musings “How would our world change if we had knowledge that there had been an advanced civilization all over the planet that was somehow destroyed?  Would this become a focus of the current civilization – finding out what happened?

The King of Pentacles again showed up in synchronicity, reminding all of the need of a financial backer.  However, both the Queen and King of Wands showed up in synchronicity.  Several readers wondered if this is the Clintons.  Hillary doesn't have to run for president to make this happen; they have The Clinton Foundation, which was created to tackle the world’s problems.  Bill and Melinda Gates also share control of the Gates Foundation.  So here are two power couples who would be very interested in any technology that helped all of mankind.  Both foundations are interested in new ideas and new ways to solve ancient problems.  This matches the spirit and energy behind the King and Queen of Wands.

We also pulled an interesting pair of Major Arcana for this show.  We, of course, got the High Priestess.  She was here to announce that we still lack some knowledge and foresight to either recreate the Egyptian Energy system or to complete Tesla’s vision of cosmic energy.  However, we also pulled the Magician – the individual with the skill to make it happen.  Mary saw a young boy as Tesla’s successor; or perhaps his reincarnation.  Is this the Magician?  Do the Russians have the brilliance to prove Tesla right?  And which philanthropic foundation headed by and man and woman give the support needed to bring the new technology to fruition?  U-Predict…