Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tarot Reading for Predicted Earth Changes – Fact from Prediction (Air dates: 7/15/2014 & 7/22/2014)

Blogger’s note:  Many of us who participate in U-Predict have been part of a broader metaphysical community.  While many people only think of 
the New Age of the 80’s, this community stretches back a couple of centuries in the United States.  In the 1950’s and beyond, there were many predictions made about changes that would happen to the planet itself that would cause mast destruction and death.  What is interesting is too look back with today’s science and see one thing:  the predictions broadly identified change, but may have come up short in describing the exact event.  This can be accounted for by looking at the scientific knowledge of the predictor, and the popular science theories of the time.  It was, however, amazing to see in a matter of about a month several serious scientific blogs and articles talked about the kinds of changes that had been predicted.  And fortunately they were explained in a more modern, less fear-provoking manner.  So we wanted to ask Tarot to give us further information on what the planet is going through.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins.

Metaphysical prediction:  the poles are shifting.  In actuality, this is happening.  According to an article in New Scientist:  “This drift is due to the changes in the distribution of Earth's mass as the crust slowly rebounds after the end of the last ice age...”  However, since 2005 the direction has changed.  Science now feels that again the earth is trying to adjust to the melting of the polar ice and glaciers due to climate change.  From Tarot, we got that this is cyclical; and that one event feeds off the other.  Jean Maurie’s Angel Card (3 Gabriel) warned “prosperity arising from wise planning. Time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected.” So now that we know about this, we need to become activists to make sure these changes are planned for at a global level.

The next set of questions was about the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field.  Many sources, including CBS News talked about the fact that it was weakening at a much faster rate than it had in the past.  Here is where Tarot began to use archetypes to explain things to us.  The Reading Room had drawn a high number of Pages and Wands, plus a large synchronicity on the Ace of Wands.  Tarot was explaining that there was a lot of raw energy (wands) and potential (Pages) under the crust of the Earth.  Because of the potentiality of this energy, from time to time there would be geologic activity. However, the Tarot did NOT see a huge, Earth destroying upheaval in the future.  The Reading Room pulled both the 10 of Cups AND the 10 of Swords in synchronicity.  This also indicated that the activity would not involve everyone everywhere.  Some people would suffer disaster; others would even reap benefits as they tapped geothermal to heat homes and business and used volcanic rich soil to grow crops. Of course, with a question like this, we did pull the High Priestess.  She is there to remind us that the Universe is in charge, and that sometimes things happen and a level and for a reason we may not be able to comprehend.  One thing that was fascinating to
comprehend is the fact that the pole shift may be caused more by climate change and not completely tied to the Earth’s magnetic field.  This was new information to most of us.

Tarot did give a warning about the weakening of the magnetic field and electronics.  We should be careful not to completely become dependent on an Internet-based way of life.  Important data like health and financial records should be stored on paper as well as online.  People would be wise to have some cash stashed in a safe emergency spot so that life could go on if there was an outage.  Tarot did not, however, visualize a complete collapse of our Internet infrastructure or other computer networks.  Other cards pulled in synchronicity were joyous.  We pulled the 3 of Cups.  We should enjoy life. We also pulled the Strength card.  We all could see the Strength card with two different meanings.  First, we are a strong species.  We have survived many disasters. But the reading wasn’t complete reassuring.   Ivy Lieberman read humanity that clings together, helps each other and stays calm will survive.   

WalksWithSpirit added “Will we destroy ourselves to go back to the back to the simple days, or have a real wake up?  We could also predict that we need to remember the strength of the Earth and the systems that sustain it – including those under the crust of the planet.  We need to be ready to help each other when disaster strikes.  The final card pulled in Synchronicity was the Moon.  The moon affects the tides; it may affect the magma at the center of the earth.  The Moon also talks about turning to gut instincts. We need to trust the animals around us to help predict disasters. They can feel what is about to happen.  Birds leave, cats hide, and dogs become listless.  We can learn; we just need to ask the earth spirit to help us.  Jean Maurie pulled the same Angel card twice that gave us this advice:  4 Raphael - seek out other possibilities, look for the magic in life.

On the second week of the show involving Earth changes, we looked at two other topics that were making news.  First, the earth was hit by a “rogue” planet which fractured off the moon.  Second, it was reported that there was a huge ocean in the Earth’s mantle.  No, it’s not liquid – it’s locked away in a mineral called ringwoodite (Discovery Science News).  When we first began discussing this on Facebook some people wondered if this somehow figured into the “hollow earth” theory that many of had heard discussions about or even read books on the topic.

The Reading Room included:  Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Joanne Mathew, Camille Kea, WalkWithSpirit (Readings by Cary) and ReeNee Cummins.

Of course, when one thinks of the Earth being approached by another planet, the works of Zecharia Sitchin come to mind.  He interpreted Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets and introduced the idea that there had been a 12th planet in the solar system.  Many of Sitchin’s believes feel that the 12th planet had a large, elliptical orbit and drifts by Earth after incredible periods of time.  ReeNee talked to many people who claimed that the 12th planet was going to drift into the Earth in 2012, causing the predicted catastrophe (that never happened).  The cards did not give an affirmative on the 12th planet being the cause of the moon.  Both the Hubble and Kepler Space Telescopes have traced “rogue planets’ wandering throughout space.  So it is highly possible that another planet collided with the Earth; hence the cards agreed with scientific fact. 

The Reading Room and Tarot was much more interested in the huge oceans of water trapped within the Earth’s mantle.  We started with discussion of the hollow earth theory.  Both the Reading Room and Tarot dismissed the concept in its most fundamental understanding.  However, both the readers and the cards were open to the idea of endless caves that were located within the mantle of the planet.  Anita Perez stated “I think there are large caverns inside. I sense that they're there- but hollow?  I don't think that's exactly right.” Ivy Lieberman added “water, caverns, and elements we have not seen as yet,” which was general consensus.  Ivy added an interesting read “mother earth beginning to reveal secrets she was cautious to reveal before.  Can we understand?”

“Can we understand” was the real question of the day on U-Predict.  The cards indicated that this vast amount of water figured into a system of self-cleaning for the planet.  In fact, the cards talked about the bio-systems were self-regulating unless mankind did something to disrupt them.  We again this week had the King of Cups in synchronicity, and the Queen of Cups had high synchronicity this week as well.  The idea of nurturing was carried over.  Again the Reading Room interpreted that we were being told that we are nurtured by the planet, but not protected by forces that are set in motion to bring things into equilibrium.  The Queen of Swords was pulled in synchronicity.  So the introduces the warrior queen doing what she needs to do to protect her realm.  The 10 of Swords was also carried into this show in synchronicity.  It is an unpleasant reminder unless we decide to work with the bio-systems we can be swept into extinction. 

Of the Major Arcana cards, ALL WERE REPEATED IN SYNCHRONICITY FROM THE PREVIOUS SHOW.  Tarot last week took over the show with a strong message about the importance of working with the Earth and not exploiting it. This message continued this week.  We got the High Priestess; again stating that things would happen that we would not understand.  We have to have faith in the wisdom of the Earth and the Universe when such things happen.  We also got the Lovers again; we talked about making choices that are good for the here and now and not thinking about long term consequences.  We also got Strength; reminding us we are a resilient species.  However, we have to remember that the planet itself exhibits tremendous power; power that we must learn to revere. 

The only other card that was in Synchronicity that was new was the 4 of Pentacles.  We were surprised at its appearance.  It is the card that says that money or material wealth may save the situation.  The Reading Room interpreted that again someone may step up with financial or material resources thinking the can fix any damage done.  The Tarot dismisses that idea, as did the reading room.

The Angel cards that Jean Maurie pulled were amazing.  We got:  Page of Gabriel - energetic, brave, and optimistic. You are ready for any challenge and Queen of Ariel - nurture yourself and those you love.  The ability to make anything more beautiful.  Practical and wise advice.  But most amazing of all was: 9 of Gabriel - environment activism.  Be prepared for any possibility

Did Tarot and the Angels give us good advice?   U-Predict…