Friday, July 18, 2014

U-Predict: A Tarot Reading for Bigfoot (Sasquatch) (Air date: 6/24/2014)

Blogger’s Note:  We haven’t read on Bigfoot because most of the readers who participate are believers.  I was concerned that the strong belief in a topic may influence the results.  However, this reading came from two new, different angles in the hunt for the elusive creature – first, researchers have noted that many of the pictures taken by witnesses are blurry.  This could add a level of paranormal to the sightings that no one had anticipated.  Many times paranormal investigators are plagued by blurry photos when the equipment they used to create the photo was carefully checked out and set up before the photo session began.  The other new angle – equally intriguing - was that UFO activity either preceded the sighting or followed it.  Some witnesses even claimed to have seen the beasts swept up by the UFO!  Now, were these two angles actually new information, or are they being introduced to keep the public’s interest up in an old topic.  We asked Tarot.

Readers for this session included:  Mary Nale, TarotDactyl (Mary Brown), Jean Maurie Puhlman, Ivy Lieberman, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins.

There was one strong message from Tarot – leave Bigfoot alone.  Tarot was very dubious about humanity’s interest in the creature.  The cards described the creatures as loving to their own kind; living happily in tribes far away from mankind (synchronicities from the 3 of Cups and 10 of Cups, both cards of joyous, carefree living).   TarotDactyl drew an animal oracle card and got “power, loyalty, leadership, family,” which was confirmation of how we saw the tribes.  We drew the King and Queen of Hearts in synchronicity as well as the King and Queen of Wands in the same synchronicity.  This again speaks of a loving family environment; however we would see it as primitive (King and Queen of Wands are very pragmatic, solid foundation – but back to basics). 

We pulled the 3 of Swords in synchronicity.  This indicated to the Reading Room that the current way we pursue their tribes is heartbreaking to the Sasquatch.  This is a matter of understanding.  They do not understand why we act as we do. We mock the calls they make and chase them with strange lights and equipment, but nothing that would indicate friendship.  Ivy Lieberman drew the High Priestess, 8 of Swords, King of Pentacles and divined “Definitive attention will bring turmoil....we don't understand and are not meant to....leave it alone!” Ivy also got “if my species were close to extinction I would do my best to stay a secret, away from the other destructive species.  Mary Nale got “Bigfoot(s) just don't want to be bothered.  Reclusive.” The King of Pentacles was drawn.  This is the guy who wants to throw money to solve a problem (or create a TV show or movie).

The Major Arcana we pulled carried on the same theme.  We got Strength, indicating that the Sasquatch has a strong desire to survive.  We got Death, which matches with the cards/interpretations we got about their numbers dwindling.  We got the Hanged-Man.  There are two meanings here; in fact this card is a bridge between our past action and a new future.  First, we are pushing the Bigfoot back further into the wilderness as we develop more and more land.  Second, the Hanged Man talks about seeing things in a new way.  We also got the Judgment card in synchronicity.  This is a wake up moment.  We can gather information about sightings.  We can track were these sightings are.  But we don’t need to form “hunting parties” to go out and track them down.  One of the hottest discussions in the Bigfoot investigation community is “should we just shoot one, and end the question once and for all?”  The next question will be is one enough?  Or even worse, how much for a Bigfoot carcass that can be stuffed and sold?

Jean Maurie did angel card work for this reading.  We were told we needed to make choices of the heart.  The King of Gabriel, told us to “keep your eyes on the big picture.”  The King of Michael told us “that wisdom and objectivity are important now”!

So the Tarot indicated that they are a real, sentient being that shares the planet with us.  There was nothing pointing to the paranormal about the photos, just people being extremely excited or scared when taking the photos.  The UFO connection leads the Reading Room to conclude that their abduction experience is the same as ours.  In, fact, aliens may be trying to figure out what the link between the two species is.

So, the Tarot was specific about us leaving Bigfoot alone.  Do you agree?   U-Predict…