Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do we Live in a Matrix?

After the release of the movie “The Matrix”, many people felt they had discovered the secret to life – it was run in another dimension by people with dubious intentions.  Angry people quit the “Why me God?” reference and instead interjected “Damn you people in control.”  So after a few references to The Matrix in the Reading Room, I decided that was a good question to investigate on U-Predict.

 The first thing that was fascinating was how old this idea is in philosophy.  It is NOT just an idea that took hold after the first movie’s release; for centuries, different philosophers and theologians claimed that control of the world was completely and totally out of our hands, and that we needed to determine who had control. It was an open question to the philosophers, or determined to be God by the theologians.  ( )   The outcome decision between the Reading Room and the Project TAROT card synchronicities is even more thought provoking.

The Reading Room included: IvyLieberman, Jean Hamilton-Fford, Patti Phare-Camp, Mary Nale, Deb Frueh, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Anita Perez, Marnie Heart, Maggie MoonTarot, ReeNee Cummins, and Dax Carlisle. 

The first question was “Is the Universe a giant computer?”  Mary Nale threw out a show stopper when she asked “Is this why I dreamed I was walking on a circuit board?” Dax added to the mystery by stating "My Kingdom is not of This World..." is a clue to the multiple realities. Then the cards began answering. Synchronicities were the High Priestess, The Emperor, and the Lovers.  Looking at this, the Reading Room said there was an overriding intelligence that was beyond our comprehension.  However, when it comes to this dimension, Ivy IvyLieberman stated “we are alone and create our own controller and are really happy that way.”   The Lovers was the interesting card – what choice needed to be made?  A few more cards uncovered the concept that many people don’t want to know how it really works.  Some people are happy with the idea that God makes all the decisions.  Others want to believe in a randomness that is beyond their control.  Only a few people ask these kinds of questions to the universe.

The second question was “Is reality a dream?”  This brought up the idea that is popular in Eastern religions; nothing we see or experience is real.  The follow-on question gave us a more fascinating answer “Is reality a simulation?”  The Reading Room came back with a mind-blowing answer; it is a simulation for those who choose not to learn or to realize self-responsibility.  ReeNee’s comment was that this would explain the clients a tarot reader sees over and over again with the same problem.  It may also give us the wisdom to stress the importance of self-responsibility in future readings.  Of course, the natural follow-on to that question is “People believe “You create your own reality” is that true?”  The answer was a strong yes from the Reading Room – both from personal experiences as well as what the cards had to say.  Even if there is an over-riding intelligence within the Universe, it wants to interact with us, wants us to understand what our thoughts and actions truly mean.

The next question is one of the hardest and most painful to ask “If it is interactive, how come bad things happen to people - is it bad thinking?” The cards and Readers gave a broader interpretation than just “bad things are caused by stinkin’ thinkin’ “.  The information that poured forth is that, yes, negativity and the stress it causes hurts people.    Mary Nale intuited that “the mind creates the drama.” And Deb Frueh reminded us that “people like drama - no two ways about it.”  In addition the cards also said that things happen when people are completely stuck.  They may have a very complacent life, but there is no growth, no challenge.  Then the Universe may take over and hand the person the challenges they need to grow or come to greater understanding.

The final question set was about defining what we are.  Are we just one’s and zero’s?  Are we just a string of data?  While discussing the string of data idea, Dax brought up "Morphic fields" and "Torsion Fields" – to scientific theories to explain who or what we are.  The cards and readers both agreed that we are much more than a data string or a string of information.  Anita Perez stated that we are “energy and consciousness but that information by itself is not conscious.” Becky Graywolf added “Yes, we are way more than ones and zeros. We are also information and experience for our souls.”

The overall Project TAROT moment cards further clarified and strengthened the messages the Reading Room contributed.  The most often read cards were the Chariot and the Lovers.  On first glance, this looks like a strange pairing and an impossible read.  But considering the subject, and the answers to the questions it interprets as we are all driving our own chariots on our own journeys the decisions we make (The Lovers can represent choice) determines if our journey is pleasant, bumpy or if we overturn the cart (our lives) completely.  The Universe is a feedback loop.  What we put out comes back until we can exist harmoniously with the world and Universe around us. 
We also had a Lenormand moment, when Jean Hamilton-Fford pulled cards multiple times.  When asked for an in-depth explanation, Jean offered “The Golden Bear [card pulled multiple times] refers to putting on the mask we need to wear for whatever part of our journey we are on.   We become one with the Sun and have the key, the strength and the playfulness to find joy and wealth and happiness.” 

Mary Nale gave a beautiful intuitive reading on the concepts that we discussed during this week’s show “When the moon shines its light on us, in the deep hours of night we travel to the place where we receive the knowledge we need to survive.  What we do with this knowledge is a matter of how advanced we are in our personal journey.”  Are you aware of the information to improve your “matrix”? U-Predict!