Friday, August 7, 2015

U-Predict: The Great Debate

In 2012, one of the best reality shows on TV was a series of debates of Republican presidential candidates.  The series was known in social media as the “clown car”….. 

So here we are 2016; we have 17 candidates for president running on the Republican ticket alone.  And what a list it is – The Donald, Chris Christie, the brother of an unpopular president, Jeb Bush and so forth.  It is also more than a year from the election.  What can we learn from a debate this far out, or was this just another bout of reality TV.  Using the U-Predict theory of free reading by various readers to give us a large, overall view of the first debate, I ask for readers to pull one card.  I was given 10 cards by 10 readers.  We did have synchronicities – The Hierophant, Four of Cups and The Fool (what a set of synchronicities for this topic). 

The Synchronicities

The Four of Cups – this one card defines most of the campaigns we’re seeing for president.  YOU’RE NOT HAPPY.  I CAN FIX IT.  OK, how do you get happy?  Do we call people names and show them your dislike for what they believe or their lifestyle?  Do we quote religious books?  Do we blame other religions?  The purpose of the Four of Cards is to remind you that you have to own your own dissatisfaction.  Are any of these people going to be able to fix your personal problems? Karmically, would you be better off fixing them yourself?

The Fool – All the candidates are starting out on a big adventure.  They are stepping up big time:  are they stepping up or stepping in it – you decide.  The Fool represents that we are just starting out.  This is the earliest the presidential race has ever started.  What we are hearing now is basically done for entertainment – they call it getting attention/voters.  This concept was strengthened by the fact that one of the Fools was pulled in reverse.  Considering the questions that were ask at Trump, one has to wonder if someone was being called out as The Fool.  A reversed Fool also represents the outlandish statements that were made.  Again, they are looking for donations and followers – not setting policy. That doesn’t mean don’t listen; just realize that in our crazy world things will change between now and next November.   

The Hierophant – The Hierophant represents one thing – dogma.  It may be a dogma of religion (yes, we hear religious dogma from our politicians); it may be the dogma of a standing political party or subgroup (Tea Party or Right Wing Conservatives).  Are any of these people offering us anything but the same narrow solutions that we have heard for over 12 years?  The Hierophant stands for dogma and the Four of Cups stands for what you dislike.  So, is their dogma going to fix what you dislike?  Or do you dislike things because their dogma seems to have swept the country?

Now the single cards:

The Magician
– All the candidates are magicians.  They all have the answers.  There are two types of magicians, those that have studied and have power and then there are the charlatans.  Charlatans are the tricksters.  They will tell you whatever you want to hear, they will give you sound bites that make you feel amazed.  But does it mean anything?   Do they really have power and wisdom or are they just hitting people’s buttons.  Is it too early in this process to determine who should be the candidate?  Realize that the man who currently holds the office was seen as The Magician by many.  When he had not fixed America’s problems in 90 days based on campaign promises, he quickly fell into dislike.

The Lovers – Are you really in love with one of these people right now? Do you love where they stand, do you feel they promise you prosperity?  Are you in love with the idea of living in the past with the social mores of the 50’s?  (No birth control, women had little to no value in the work place, etc.) Do you understand what that would mean to your lifestyle?

The other meaning of the Lovers is to make the right choice.  Do you want to live in the same divided, hate-fueled society that we live in?  Or do you want to work on electing people who cherish peace on earth?  Do you want to become politically literate so that you know who to elect to protect the earth?  Many people want nothing to do with politics.  They don’t vote; and the same people get elected  – madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The Star – Yes, there is hope.  There is always hope. Generations will die, society will change.  But do we want to see a 10-year change into a more harmonious society or do we want to wade through 30 or 40 years of hate and discontent (and planetary destruction) before we begin to change.   Hope – we can believe in hope while corporations destroy the environment, or we can decide to act on the idea of hope.  The 60’s were about reaching out in love and peace.  We took to the streets, both in political marches and love-ins, and we did make a profound change in society.  We discovered we are star stuff, we are golden, and by being involved we could have a hand in recreating the garden.
The 10 of Swords – Perhaps not now, but after the third debate some candidates will face the 10 of Swords.  They won’t raise enough money to continue, their popularity will tank. (Fox’s referral to Donald Trump’s business failures and terrible treatment of women were unexpected attempts to expose the man for who he is). 

However, there is another meaning for the 10 of Swords.  We the people can say “enough.”  What do we need in our lives?  Better jobs, assurance that our healthcare, including birth control, will continue, as will the continuance of Social Security for when we reach an age or physical condition when we need to slow down?  Who stands for these things?  Not just on a national level, but locally as well.  We can be one of the people putting a sword in someone’s back – not literally, but in the back of their political career.  But we have to get involved and understand who is running for what to do it.

The final card was the Eight of Pentacles, the card of hard work.  This card can represent someone working so hard in the trenches that they can’t see the big picture.  Of any prognostications I could divine, that one probably nails it best.  All these people are working like crazy to make a small percentage of the electorate happy, but not looking at the big, broad picture.   What do we really do about the poor, the disabled (especially our veterans), and the underemployed?  Do we want to send another 100,000 American kids into another Middle-Eastern ground war where we lose thousands in death, and have many more thousands come home permanently disabled?  With our scientific minds, is it not time to toss fossil fuels and go with renewables?   Yes, there is a much bigger picture.  There were glimmers of hope in a few remarks made by the candidates last night, but were there enough? U-Predict…

Final note:  When we used the same method to predict the outcome of the Republican convention back in 2012, NOT ONE SINGLE MAJOR ARCANA CARD was drawn.  Of, course, even a novice reader would understand that this was an indication that the people involved were absolutely clueless about the truth of the situation.  THIS TIME IT WAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE.  Of the 10 cards 8 were Majors.  Now with that many Majors in a reading, the most common interpretation would be that a profound, probably karmic change was overtaking this field and this period of history.  I have to admit that I did not see a great deal of enlightenment on the stage last night, but things can happen.  We may truly be moving into the age we have all waited for.  However, as an old Hippie war protestor, I still think it will happen more smoothly if those of us who believe in love, hope and peace do our part to move the process forward.