Thursday, January 23, 2014

U-Predict Blog – Where Have the Sheeple Come From? (Air Date: 01/21/2014)

According to the Urban Dictionary:   Sheeple are “people unable to think for themselves… those with no cognitive abilities of their own.”  Since we are talking about conspiracy theories and the cornerstones of these theories, sheeple describe the people who are completely convinced that these conspiracies are absolutely true.  There is no curiosity in these people – and they encourage the development and spread of this misinformation, at considerable fame and wealth to those who concoct them.
The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins.  We had some very interesting and compelling commentary on this topic by a new visitor, DocVaj. 

We started out comparing conspiracy-following sheeple to people who join a cult.  There are some similarities – people can willingly become sheeple when their lives are in disarray, and they can blame their problems on the “true cause” as pointed out by conspiracy theorists.  The Tarot told us that neither mental problems nor excellent mental health would prevent people for falling for a conspiracy.   Because the conspiracies usually trigger fear or anger, we ask the cards if people who loved negative entertainment (violent or extremely scary) would more likely fall for conspiracies.  DocVaj asked “Is there a known common denominator within groups that love, love, love to be scared?”  The cards pointed to a “yes” answer.  Ivy Lieberman’s cards came back with “the point of the conspiracies IS to add fear.”  DocVaj keyed off the Tarot answer and said “One of the common denominators is that they don't feel in charge of their lives and being scared removes them from their issues.”  Anita Perez supported that idea: “it's to keep people afraid of each other - misdirection or a diversionary tactic.” Jean Maurie Puhlman added “people have anger within that they use the scary stuff to merge.”  So Tarot interprets that sheeple feel they have no control, and channel their fear and anger through the supporting of these conspiracy theories!

We asked if people that write or produce personal videos were only about the potential money that could be made.  The answer we got that was “no”; many of these people do suffer from self-absorption or obsession with their topic.  They must be right at any cost.  There is no influencing them with facts.  DocVaj summed this up brilliantly:  They regurgitate what's already in their minds without introducing and processing new higher insights and data streams. Ivy also added that “perhaps they believe something will be revealed that will lend to a revolution...and fame.”   The cards were not as sympathetic towards network shows and networks themselves that breed conspiracy.  The cards that appeared the most were pentacles – yup, all about the money.

If we look at the cards in synchronicity, we have very interesting patterns and a lot of synchronistic cards.  First we’ll look at the Sword suit.  The last two shows we have pulled every Sword in the deck.  This week, there was one card missing, the 4 of Swords – recuperation.  At first I felt that we were told that it was the missing element; on a second review, I realized that it was the actual element needed.  Because we didn’t pull it, it means that it’s out there as a possibility for sheeple to wake up.  Our sanity check for this show, DocVaj commented “After 25+ years working with the energetic level, the molecular level where life is created and dis-created ... I've learned that deep and burning desire is the key catalyst to inspire people to want to know personal truth.   This, for me is a perfect description of recuperation from this cultural malady.    Ivy’s cards added “the truth is knowing our path; introspection is important for compassionate living, love the earth mother.” Doc added “The truth is ... EACH OF HAS ... has all the answers for the answer is at the center of every perceived problem.  Those who teach people how to turn within are authentic.” 

The ladies of the Major Arcana start out this list of synchronistic cards.  The Empress outshines the High Priestess.  The Empress with her soothing, nurturing ways gives us an idea of how we should deal with this issue – take care of yourself.  First, look at how much time a day you spend delving into the idea that the world is a terrible place and something or someone is out to get you.  Dial that way back.  Unplug, go outside.  Read an uplifting book.  The High Priestess reminds us that while we can delve into the mysteries of why people behave the way they do, sometimes it is just beyond our understanding.  We also got the Fool in synchronicity.  No one knows what the future will bring, but there are a lot of people world-wide who are spiritually driven to make it a better place.  Trust that argument to win.  Step out and help make it happen.  We also pulled the Queen of Wands in synchronicity.  Both Camille Kea and Ivy Lieberman talked about the idea of the feminine, and listening to your inner warning system before jumping to belief about something.  This queen, more than the others, is all about this.  This queen tells us to be pragmatic and balanced and very down-to-earth.

We also got both the Chariot and the Wheel of Fortune.  Life is full of ups and downs.  We all ride the Wheel.  However, we do make decisions every day about how we live that can lead us into problems down the road.  We can “tip” over our Chariot by binging in negativity – which usually leads to other kinds of binging.  And with that dynamic in mind, we pulled the Temperance/Art card.  Live life artfully, in balance, focused on the good things in life is the archetype of this card.  Open your mind like DocVaj said.  See what happens when you focus on beauty, love and truth.  The Ace of Cups was pulled in synchronicity as well.  This card talks of a new love blossoming.  Focusing on beauty, love, and truth will only hasten that blossoming.

The pentacles were equally as interesting this read.  We pulled every pentacle but the five.  Everyone agrees that this makes money.  The concept is everyone making money off of Sheeple want to make more money off of sheeple.  The Ace of Pentacles says that there will be new ways to make money off of sheeple – and that is truly sad.  The 6 of Pentacles was drawn in synchronisity, which can mean charity.  Again, many of the personalities who push private web sites, blogs and films truly feel they are trying to help people learn the truth.  However, we pull the card just as many times in reverse.  Again to quote Doc, the people who lead to “the answers are within” are the only genuine leaders in any movement.  Finally, we got the 9 of Pentacles.  That’s the answer – everyone wants to be comfortable and feel safe.  However, if you focus on negative, frightening, or anger-producing media the Universe is a marvelous mirror to show you right back what you are focusing on.  

One final point of interest for our readers and listeners – within 24 hours of our broadcast, the magazine Mentalfloss  (  ) came out with this marvelous article about 5 mental disorders that are caused by media.  After our study of sheeple, it is worth a read.