Friday, January 10, 2014

U-Predict - The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (Original air date 02/26/2013)

Some of my listeners/readers probably think I have explained way too often the purpose of the study of synchronicities in Project Tarot.  However, sometimes something so over-the-top and unexpected happens that one has to ponder the implications of what we are doing and how this all fits together, yet again. 

So we began last Tuesday’s show.  The contributing Reading Room consisted of: Ivy Lieberman, Anita Perez, Sherry Retell Amature, Ramona0214, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Dax Carlisle, and ReeNee Cummins.    

Before any cards were turned Dax Carlisle and ReeNee Cummins talked about seeing movies that dealt with crystal skulls in the days before the show.  At this point, that would have been considered an amusing coincidence, but it continued on.  The next coincidence was in choosing a deck to read with.  Jean Marie Puhlman has been using the Voyager deck since the beginning of the show. Dax Carlisle recently received a baby Voyager deck as a gift from James Wanless and decided to use the deck for the show.  By coincidence, ReeNee Cummins had used the Voyager deck to pick the cards for the show after she had determined the questions.  Again, these appear to be interesting coincidences - later in the blog, it will move to the category of a synchronicity.

We began the show by asking about the true origins of the Crystal skulls. We asked if they were Mesoamerican-meaning that they came either from southern Mexico, or the countries we now call Central America.  The initial reading was hazy; and in the end Ramona did a yes/no question that came back with a “no” answer. The reading room discussed what was known about the skulls. Anita Perez reminded us that even with modern tools we would have a hard time carving the crystal in the manner that it was carved.  ReeNee discussed the idea that German jewelry makers in the late 1700s and 1800s claimed to have the skills to have made such items. In fact, an art dealer and historian who examined the skulls in the British Museum claimed that this was their source. That led us to the second question; could the skulls have been used by secret societies and not from an earlier date. The cards gave us a resounding no.  The interpretations of the cards in the reading room also claimed that the skulls had a much more significant role in man’s spiritual development.

We next asked if it was the size of the crystals that made them so powerful in returning information. We also inferred that any crystal of this size could be used for powerful scrying.   Anita spoke about her experience with scrying with crystal balls and that the size of the ball didn’t matter as much as the ability of the reader. The cards also dismissed this theory.  We then ask if the skulls had picked people to work with them. This time the answer we got was the affirmative.  When asked if anyone could have the ability to work with the skulls, we were told no. Ivy Lieberman also added that the cards indicated that few people were that spiritually developed.

It was quickly becoming obvious that instead of a New Age fad that we were dealing with something much more important. We moved on to ask about the legend of there being 13 skulls that were to be brought together for a major spiritual teaching for mankind. The cards were insistent about not dismissing this legend but also stated that it would be hard to bring all of the skulls together because of both the greediness and ignorance of many, many people.  If people currently own a skull in secret, they may want a huge monetary reward or maybe using the information for their own benefit. In fact, one of the most synchronistic cards of this entire reading was the king of pentacles (there were six draws of this particular card).   This is the card of the businessman; a person with the Midas touch. This also explains why those who own the skulls use them as a means of making money.  The skulls apparently do not mind; those that are used for channeling do produce useful information for those who pay for the service.

It was while we were discussing the idea of using an ancient sacred tool to make a day to day living that the most amazing synchronicity began to happen. In the Voyager deck, the card Temperance has been replaced with the card called Art. This card truly deals with being and making something creative. The card talks about “taking old forms and recombining them into a new synthesis”. But if the main message of this card remains the idea of art. Dax was the first person to pull the art card in a while in the Reading Room. Reenee had pulled it earlier in preparation for the show; however the most synchronistic of all was the fact that Jean Maurie pulled it three times in a row while discussing the modern-day use of the skulls.  The synchronicity of the Art card points to the amazing workmanship that made the skulls.  No doubt this is part of the problem with the skulls – we are too lost in the argument as to when and how they were made and have lost our wonder with the art and the artists who made them. In addition to pulling the art card numerous times; Jean Maurie pulled the Compassion card as a companion to the Art card.   After discussing the synchronicity, Ramona who had been pulling yes/no spreads as a sanity check commented that many of her spreads had contained the Magician card, the magic that made it happen.   All in all, this adds up to the message that something or someone that cares about mankind deeply made these unbelievable skulls.

The major Arcana synchronistic cards for this reading also hold a deeper meaning. The most common major Arcana card that we pulled was the Lovers.  If one looks at the Lovers card from a classical standpoint one realizes one is asked to make a choice.  This apparently is something that the tarot wants us to ponder; are we going to be satisfied with a handful of people showing the crystal skulls and their ability for personal information, or are we going to ask that a concerted effort be made to bring the skulls together for the good of all of mankind. The other synchronicities of major Arcana included the Sun and the World card. A synchronicity on a much larger scale happens when we ask questions that deal with communication with extraterrestrials or ultraterrestials (crop circles or visitation) - we see the celestial symbols from the Major Arcana in synchronicity in the reading. So the cards themselves seem to be pointing to an otherworldly source for both the message and the skulls themselves.

So far on U-Predict I have yet to see a topic that was so layered and synchronicities. The amusing coincidence of some of us watching Crystal skull movies, followed by the decision to use a tarot deck with a card that’s addresses artistic abilities and craftsmanship as a Major Arcana, followed by some deep synchronicities with in the cards themselves and with cards in the past readings.  This has given me a lot to ponder about.

Anything else about these amazing skulls…U-Predict!