Friday, January 17, 2014

U-Predict Blog – Conspiracy Cornerstones II – Despise/Distrust Science (Air Date 01/14/2013)

Looking for patterns in Tarot readings has turned out to be more instructive than I could have ever imagined.  Not only do we have synchronistic cards in each show, we have cards that span shows on a given concept or topic.  Now the Tarot has decided to repeat an entire suit of cards being pulled.  Both last week (the first conspiracy show about population control) and this week (about despising or distrusting science), we pulled every Sword in the deck!   I want to repeat a sentence or two from the last show:  “This is the suit that deals with mental processes.  It deals with looking for ways forward, for thinking your way out of a situation; it also represents the idea of “as you sew , so shall ye reap.”  Karma will expose those members of society who do not have the common good as the basis for their actions (it’s hard to be a conspirator when butt-ugly karma slaps you on the Internet for the entire world to see). “  I also think that we are now being ask to look at what we are contributing to the collective consciousness – are our thoughts bringing into reality a paranoid landscape to match the paranoia in so many minds.  Will the insistence on brandishing a weapon bring someone to the point of fighting for their life?  Something new to think about…

The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Patti Phare-Camp, Camille Kea, and ReeNee Cummins. 

We started with statistics presented by Public Policy Polling (PPP) which stated:

37% Americans believe that global warming is a hoax

28% believe a secret elite power with a globalist agenda is conspiring to rule the world

33% believe in the rapture

25% believe in the Biblical story of creation

Because so many of these statistics dealt with religious affiliation, evolution was the first topic we discussed.  We asked a 3-part question about scientific evolution (is survival of the fittest the best concept), Biblical accuracy (is the account the absolute truth), and intelligent design (is that a better concept).  As usual, when we ask the Universe how it did something, it replies with The High Priestess in synchronicity.  We have found in the past, this signals the Universe telling us that part of the concept is beyond our understanding.  The positives we got were that some parts of all three ideas are right, but we don’t have the entirety figured out.  Patti Phare-Camp introduced the idea of the Yin and the Yang as something this is usually missing from this discussion.  Jean Maurie Puhlman reminded us that Jesus spoke in “layers”. 
Since we are talking about both left and right-wing conspiracies involving science, we asked if belief in either set of conspiracies would affect someone’s decision on how to vote.  The answer was that an overwhelming belief in conspiracies could cloud vision, and encourage government to move in ways that kept civilizations stuck in warn-out patterns.  The cards insisted that we look at ideals that move us forward in a harmonious way.  Ivy Lieberman stated that “the new age way of thinking can spark revelation in government...grass-root movements, and enlightenment. Bringing things down and building things up.”  This fit with the Yin-Yang concept that had been discussed earlier in the show.

We moved on to super-weapons, and the idea that the US had developed something that could control the weather.  When we asked the cards about this concept, we got some tantalizing cards.  In several readings the first card was Death, The Tower, or the 10 of Swords.  Because these cards were in the first position, it was interpreted that this was showing our past.  Yes, we did take technology and kill thousands with it.  However, we also must consider that jet airplanes, the Internet, and space travel started out as weapons projects.  We can’t take things at face value – far too many people on both sides of the conspiracy market are making money off us.  The bigger the lies, the more we seem willing to spend either time and or money to understand their theories or points-of-view.  We have to understand our sources and the agendas they may have with sharing conspiracy news with us. 

The synchronistic cards pulled supported the ideas discussed in the blog.  First, we did have The High Priestess when we were asking questions about how the universe created life.  Again, we get the Cosmic Lady when we ask cosmic questions.  We just aren’t ready for the complete picture.  The second synchronistic Major Arcana card was The Lovers.  What choices are we going to make?  Are we just going to believe what people tell us, or are we going to research, think, and then help to bring about the best for society?

As far as synchronistic pentacles, we drew the 7 of Pentacles and the Knight of Pentacles.  What an interesting balance of cards!  On one hand, the 7 of Pentacles is all about waiting, about having patience.  Are we supposed to just stand around waiting for a handful of people who want to move backward prevent any action taken?  The Knight of Pentacles is all about entrepreneurs.  If we move forward, what new industries will be created?  What medical benefits can save lives? 

The only Cup in synchronicity was the King of Cups.  There is still the dynamic of wanting to take care of others; we want the way forward to do the best for everyone.  The Ace of Swords was also in synchronicity.  The distrusting or despising science could become very damaging if it becomes a way of life in the United States.  Again, we have to ask who is telling us and why are they telling us.  Is the building on fire, or are the selling fire extinguishers and have a can of smoke-smelling stuff they sprayed to make a profit?  The final synchronistic card was the 6 of Wands.  If we look carefully at this topic, we can make the right decisions and there will be a social victory.  Will this happen?  U-Predict…