Sunday, January 12, 2014

U-Predict: Conspiracies in America (Original Airing: August, 2012)

When one seriously studies Tarot, one becomes aware of the power of human focus and the synergy when people focus on a topic.  Here in the US, we have faced 5 years of utter frustration as the branches of our Government have failed to meet the needs of we, the people.  First, it was Bush’s fault, then the Democratic Congress.  Next, was President Obama’s turn, and for 3 years the blame game shifted to his court.  Now, it has shifted on to the Tea Party/Republican Congress.  But what about the human conscious behind the impass?  You would think that as a nation we would want to pull together and get past the rough days.  That was the idea behind the U-Predict Show on July 16 - what could the tarot tell us about the collective consciousness behind the Right Wing political activities, and the conspiracies that supported their beliefs.

Considering what happened and how it happened, I am left with one overriding thought; this is very important and very serious - we all have to get involved in the discussion.  Why do I feel this way, it’s because of the Tower card.  Not only that it made a major appearance in the readings done on U-Predict, but that it preceded the show on The Angels Monday Show, and was a major topic of conversation for the last 20 minutes! 

And so with a synchronistic moment already in progress, we began U-Predict.   First, I have never seen so many reversals on any other radio show I have done.  There was a discussion of reversals - most readers saw it as the querent (person or situation being read for) being stuck, stubborn, or fixated on the dynamic at hand.

For once, we do have some evidence that this is the situation.  In the Miami Herald on February 2nd of this year, Sen. Jim DeMint DeMint urged his party’s presidential candidates and their supporters to make no compromises with Obama and congressional Democrats.   And then there was the now famous quote  "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."  Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), said in an interview with the National Journal. Without much research, I could quote an entire page of such comments.  So there is evidence that the reversals describe a group that has such a mental dynamic - completely fixated on their agenda. 

Back to the Tower.  Some consider this the most unfortunate card in the deck.  The activity is swift, fast, and totally changes everything.  Cheryl Lynn Bradley, of TarotCanada discussed the idea that the entire Tower was built on on instability.  But what is unstable?  The Constitution?   The idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  Again, the online readers produced face cards - many of them reversed.  People stubbornly clinging to their beliefs, this is causing the instability.  No society can move forward and try new things when a large number of people who are responsible for the legislation for an entire nation are fixated on one set of ideas. 

What are these ideas? There are two core theories that drive the Right Wing - the idea of the government becoming large enough to force people with certain beliefs into internment camps, and that the first step in rounding up citizens is the confiscation of all fire arms - Second Amendment rights. 

I asked the readers if they saw a possibility of people being rounded up and placed in camps - the significant cards that were repeated were the Hierophant and Justice.  Now the Hierophant is problematic in answering this question.  The Hierophant represents tradition, or a large life-controlling institution like a government or a large religion, and would support the concern.  However Jean Maurie Puhlman pulled Justice.  In fact, the Justice card was pulled several times.  Justice can mean a legal situation; it can also represent the idea of cosmic justice, what happens is for the greater good.  One has to wonder if the two cards together foretell that the closed-mindedness may lead to behavior that leads to incarceration instead in a stint in an internment camps.  Dax Carlisle mentioned that on AM Coast to Coast, that guests HAD talked about the creation of internment camps.  There was a discussion that these could have been created in the wake of 9/11, as a part of Homeland Security.

The readers turned to the question of how do we handle this whole situation.  What do we say to people who insist that their ideas are the only way forward?  The cards continued with interesting advice.  The main suite pulled at this time was Wands - new thinking, new ways forward.  Ivy Lieberman pulled four Wands in a row, and stated that people with their head in the sand was not the way forward.  Cheryl pulled the 7 and the 9 of Wands.  The Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords appeared at this time.  Knights can be explosive energy.  It can also be a call to action.  Combined with the 7 and the 9, the answer is to start correcting opinions; if someone is saying something that is a provable lie - call them on it.  If someone points out that the President is totally at fault, ask them about our do-nothing Congress, and how their attitude is helping hungry children in America.

The Nine of Wands is an interesting card.  It appeared when we did the first U-Predict experiment the night of the Wisconsin Recall election.  It speaks to us to fight for truth, to fight for what is right - not right now.

The one question that I will leave readers with is if it is a Universal Law that where attention goes, energy flows, what’s going on here?  The national voice seems to be shrill and full of discord.  Is this energy moving the country in the right direction?  Go back to the first of the blog and read about the Tower reversed, and then U-Predict.