Sunday, January 12, 2014

U-Predict - Conspiracy Theory I: Population Control – Air Date 01/07/2014

I am always open for topics to explore on U-Predict.  It keeps me on my toes researching tantalizing bits of information that have some credibility to discuss every week.  One request I get frequently is to look into one form of conspiracy theory or another.  We did address some conspiracy theories way back at the beginning of the experiment in an early U-Predict show (August, 2012).  I thought it would be interesting to revisit the ideas and see if we could dig deeper into the topic.   To assure a more complete picture, I made a study of all the conspiracies that are currently topics of interest (both Right Wing and Left Wing), and found that they could be broken in to 4 main concepts or cornerstones:  (1) population control – population number or movement, (2) a fear or distrust of science, (3) mind control, and (4) the promise of a dismal future. 
For our first of the four shows we discussed population control; both the idea that someone was systematically killing off members of society, or controlling our movement to the point of incarcerating people.  The Reading Room included:  Anita Perez, Ivy Lieberman, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Joanne Matthews, and ReeNee Cummins. 

The card patterns for this show are interesting.  We have never pulled so many different Major Arcana for any topic, many in synchronicity.  When a large number of Major Arcana are pulled, it usually signifies that the topic is one of importance; so we had to determine – was the idea of a conspiracy important, or was our ever expanding population the concern.  Luckily, the answer was apparent in the first few pulls.  The most prevalent Major was the Judgment card.  This is probably the most pulled card for any show when we ask about current events.  We are being told to wake up.  The readings around this card indicated that we have chosen to blindfold ourselves about the population problem; there are good solutions that do not involve the destruction of life or lives.  Both Anita Perez and Ivy Lieberman had this reading for the cards they pulled. We choose to infest our minds with these ideas that someone else will either fix it (via destruction that we will proclaim as horrible), or that our future will become unbearable.  Neither needs to be the case.  We got both The Emperor and The Empress as synchronicities.  We have the facts and figures at hand to gain the knowledge to rule our resources wisely, as a wise Emperor.  We have the nurturing capacity to decide to take care of all (just like The Empress), and quit wasting our money on weapons and invest in people – we just choose to do otherwise. 

It was too tempting to ask if patriarchal societies had contributed to a population problem.  The Tarot chose not to answer about the past.  Instead it talked about younger men (knights and pages) taking their place in a society where these ideas would be considered silly and old-fashioned.  The Queen of Swords was in synchronicity with this question.  She stands for a woman who stands for herself and her sisters.  The Tarot told all of us that it is time to take a stand – we must always remember that “women hold up half of the sky.” 
Another fascinating pattern was that we pulled the entire suit of Swords – every card.  This is the suit that deals with mental processes.  It deals with looking for ways forward, for thinking your way out of a situation; it also represents the idea of “as you sew , so shall ye reap.”  Karma will expose those members of society who do not have the common good as the basis for their actions (hard to be a conspirator when butt-ugly karma slaps you on the Internet for the entire world to see).  Look at how much we know about billionaires around the word and their political leanings.  Look at what we have learned about how rich corporate officers treat their employees.  We are seeing this reaping as a part of the nightly news.  Do we want to continue to support such vicious people?  Turning you back on many of these people is as easy a choosing to shop in another store, or buying another brand of toilet tissue. How about the people making money off the whole conspiracy business?  If you don’t buy their books, visit their YouTube videos, and change the TV channel, will the conspiracies go away?   If you are reading this blog, you have access to the Internet.  You can write letters to companies, to government officials, even celebrities telling them that you are no longer supporting or buying what they are selling.  When enough people do these things we can make a difference; it is also a better use of energy than worrying about which neighbor is part of which cabal who is planning on killing you. 

Other Minor Arcana cards that we pulled were the Eight of Cups – time to move on and quit dwelling on these notions, and the 6 of Pentacles – plenty for all if we will share.  The final card pulled in synchronicity was the Sun.  Again, this is a card that predicts happiness and a good outcome. 

So what did the cards tells us about this part of conspiracy.  Is anyone going to kill off the human race or control our movements?  The Tarot didn’t even acknowledge this idea; it told us we were too smart and had other solutions that could fix the situation.  The swords pulled told us to think our way out.  Obsessing about miserable, horrible things is not thinking our way out.  Tarot did tell us it was time to speak up and out.  If we hit some of the most evil in the pocket books, they are guaranteed to go away (that includes members of government).  Joanne Matthew summed up the reading nicely about this conspiracy:  “it's not a plan, its ignorance and intolerance, along with it--quick decisions without thinking through.”  Does that apply to how people see this particular conspiracy?  U-Predict…